28978 Ixion, formerly known by the provisional designation 2001 KX76, is a recently discovered Kuiper Belt asteroid orbiting beyond the orbit of Neptune and is the largest known asteroid in the solar system at 1200 kilometers in diameter(about 950 miles). Its period is 246 years, 184 days, only about a year shorter than Pluto's. Ixion was found at the Cerro Tololo observatory in Chile on May 22, 2001 by American astronomers James L. Elliot and Lawrence H. Wasserman and named for one of the chief sinners of Tartarus in Greco-Roman mythology.

Ixion, a king of the Lapithae of Greece, was the father of most of the Centaurs. To evade paying a dowry, Ixion murdered his father-in-law by throwing him into a furnace; no one would purify him of this cardinal sin but Zeus, and Ixion promptly showed his gratitude by trying to seduce Hera. Zeus caught on to him quickly, being Zeus, and created Nephele, a simulacrum of Hera, from a cloud for Ixion to seduce; the Centaurs were born from their union. Zeus punished Ixion by tying him with snakes to a wheel which revolved eternally in midair in Tartarus, the region of Hades where the wicked are punished.

Ixion by Cornelisz van Haarlem, painted in 1588.

Astrologically, Ixion signifies busy-ness, workaholism, lust to acquire or possess, materialism and its consequences, lack of appreciation or gratitude, to take things for granted, being on a treadmill, being without regrets, being harmed by one's own creations or ingenuity or through something artificial, hubris, karma, rediscovering something simpler, strength through joy, creating trouble, creating change, lust for life, charisma, inventiveness, ingenuity, having one's mistakes or evil take on a life of their own, passing problems down through the generations, "breaking eggs in order to make omelets", "taking the tiger by the tail."

John Lennon had Ixion conjunct Mars(anger, energy), the Vertex(significant or idealized relationships),and Lacrimosa(tragedy, mourning); semisextile Lilith(having to resign oneself to something, the marginalized) and Perseverantia(pushing onward); undecimal Venus(art, righteous rage) and Rockefellia(paying the price for one's selfishness); sextile the Part of Fortune(the development of the life); square the Midheaven(career and reputation); trine the Moon(the public, women) and Tutenchamun(to triumph; the first shall be last and the last first); quincunx Volta(to electrify); triseptile Nessus(nastiness, lustfulness, predation); quadnonagon Chaos; opposite the East Point(the way the world sees you); parallel Chiron(to teach, to learn) and Magnanimity(life is good); and contraparallel Chariklo(glamor), Dominiona(domineering) and Ramirez(invasion by evil). He was witty but acerbic and sometimes violent, and repeated his father's dereliction by virtually abandoning his older son Julian following his divorce from his first wife, Julian's mother Cynthia. He was often maligned during the 1960s when he was a member of the Beatles, along with the other band members; when Lennon and creative partner and fellow Beatle Paul McCartney were made Members of the Order of the British Empire, some MBE's returned their medals in protest. Lennon and McCartney are now considered among 10th-century Britain's foremost composers. His mother and aunt both died tragically, and Lennon himself was assassinated by a deranged fan.

Heidi Fleiss, the infamous "Hollywood Madam," the daughter of a Los Angeles doctor who was convicted of running a call-girl ring that catered to Hollywood stars, has Ixion in the eighth house of sex, on the cusp of the ninth house of the law, semisextile Abanderada(to raise a banner), Casanova(selfish pleasure, promiscuous sex), Hygeia(to clean up something), and Proserpina(transitions, going away); nonile Torricelli(trouble); semisquare Aesculapia(physicians) and Requiem; sextile Konstitutsiya(guiding principles, dealings with officialdom); quintile Thule(snobbery); square Thetis(everyone is vulnerable); tredecile the Black Moon(wildness); trine Hatshepsut(female power) and Summa(consummate achievement); triseptile the Moon(the public, women); parallel Patientia(patience), Harris(to be pushed too far) and Ramirez(invasion by evil); and contraparallel Chiron(having something to learn), Chariklo(glamor), and Antigone(standing on principle, blameless in one's own mind) .

Olympic skater Scott Hamilton, who survived testicular cancer, has Ixion in the first house, conjunct the Ascendant(appearance, physical body), North Node(to rise above the past), Lilith(having to resign oneself to something), Asbolus(awfulness, , Whiterabbit(drawn into something) and Mallory(taking on challenges); semisextile Fortuna; undecimal McAuliffe(liabilities); sextile Pallas(mental creativity), Volta(to electrify), Tutenchamun(to triumph), and Philosophia; square Tara(easy traveling); trine Chiron(to learn or teach) and Solidarity(to stick together); quincunx Mars(athletics) and Flora(the flower of something); opposite the South Node(running on autopilot); and contraparallel Rockefellia(those who have sharing with those who don't).

Elvis Presley had Ixion in the tenth house, conjunct the Midheaven and Hatshepsut; sextile Lacrimosa(mourning) and Pandora(to be influential, to shake things up); square the East Point, Hektor(bullying), Patientia, and Roddenberry(to bring in the outsider); trine Juno(marriage), Venus(love, art, money), Chiron, Whiterabbit, and Hybris(hubris); trine/sextile the Nodes; sesquiquadrate 1999 CY118(projections or imaginings of society's own evil), Harris(pushed too far) and Perseverantia; quincunx the Moon and Pittsburghia(serious as a heart attack); opposite Hylonome(popularity); and contraparallel Pinocchio(stupid lies) and Persephone(transitions).

The glyph for Ixion is my own conception and recalls (1)Ixion on his wheel, (2)Leonardo da Vinci's famous "jumping jacks" representation of humanity, (3)the glyphs for the Part of Fortune and Christabel


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