Asteroid 97, Klotho, was discovered on February 17, 1868 by Ernst Wilhelm Tempel at Marseilles, France. It has a period of 4 years, 132 days and is about 61¾ miles in diameter.

It was named for one of the three Fates (Moirae to the Greeks, Parcae to the Romans), Klotho, who carried a spindle and a globe and spun the thread of life. The other Fates were Lachesis and Atropos.

The Three Fates, by British painter Arthur Rackham

Martha Lang-Wescott identifies Klotho as having to do with "conditions (fate and expectations) at the beginning; initial understanding, what is apparent at the start, origins/beginnings in general." I would add to that what one is "made of," having (or not having) "the right stuff," possibly even textiles.

Elizabeth Smart, who successfully played the role of subservient follower to her kidnappers while on the road with them in order to survive, has Klotho in the eleventh house, sextile Mercury (agility of mind), quintile Mars (assertion, survival energy) and opposite Chiron (lessons learned or taught).

Jessica Lynch has Klotho sextile Juno (taking power) and quincunx Lilith (feminism, repression of memory).

Jesica Santillán (born December 26, 1985 in Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco, Mexico), a poor Mexican teenager who came to the US illegally, enduring hardship and attacks from criminals, in order to get a lifesaving heart-lung transplant, only to die when the transplant was botched, had Klotho sextile Mercury (trickery) and Uranus (irregular or illegal action) and trine Jupiter (hospitality, generosity).

Chris Burke, a successful actor with Down syndrome, has Klotho sextile Juno and square the Sun (to shine).

Pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson (born September 18, 1951 in Detroit) grew up the impoverished son of a single mother in Detroit and narrowly missed the fate of many other poor African-American boys there (literally by inches; he had an epiphany at 14 after a knife he was aiming at the belly of a member of a rival gang hit the boy's belt buckle instead). Carson's mother tolerated no nonsense from him and forced him to study. He has Klotho sextile Chiron (medicine), tredecile Juno, square Pallas (to defend one's principles) and quindecile Jupiter (higher education).

Alisa Gore Harder (born July 24, 1974 in Dallas) is a Kansas woman whose mother, Betty Pomeroy Gore, was murdered in her Wylie, Texas home in 1981 by Candy Montgomery, a "friend" of Betty Gore who was having an affair with Allan Gore, Betty Gore's husband and Alisa's father; Montgomery was acquitted of murder in a highly publicized trial but ostracized in the community. Alisa and her younger sister Bethany Gore (born July 2, 1979, in Plano, Texas) ended up in the custody of their maternal grandparents after enduring treatment from their father and stepmother that bordered on abuse. Neither, it seems, was warped by this, but are estranged from both their father and his now-ex-wife and consider themselves robbed of a happy childhood through Candy Montgomery. Alisa Harder, who barely remembers her mother, has Klotho conjunct the South Node (past influences, taking in, the path of least resistance), sextile Vesta (dedication, commitment), square Jupiter (philosophy) and Juno, and opposite the North Node (transcending past influences, giving out). Bethany Gore, who has no memory of her mother and a more emphatically negative opinion of Candy Montgomery, has Klotho sextile Neptune (idealization, emotion), square Uranus (disruptive, rejecting) and opposite Lilith (dealing with repressed anger).

Edmund Cartwright, inventor of the power loom, had Klotho sesquiquadrate Mars (mechanical things).

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