Asteroid 73 Klytia was discovered on April 7, 1862 by Horace P. Tuttle at Cambridge, Massachusetts. It has a period of 4 years, 128 days and is about 16 1/2 miles in diameter.

Klytia was named for a nymph in Greek mythology, also known as Clytie, the daughter of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys. She had a crush on Apollo and, when he seduced Leucothoe, daughter of Perses and Eurynome, reported her to her father and everyone else who would listen out of jealousy. Perses killed Leucothoe by burying her alive in sand, and a grief-stricken Apollo turned her into a frankincense tree. He'd never loved Clytie and now found her even less atttractive. She sat in the shade beneath the daytime sun, refusing to eat, drink, or wash, insane, talking to no one, gazing up at Apollo, up in his chariot ignoring her, forever beyond her reach, and was turned into a sunflower(some say marigold or heliotrope), which always turns itself to face the sun and is considered a symbol of faithfulness, unwavering devotion, and love.


Kansas, nicknamed the Sunflower State, chose the sunflower as its floral emblem, for it stands straight and tall, out in the open, in the sun, facing the sun.

Astrologically, Klytia signifies heliotropism(turning toward the light, away from the dark); keeping faith, clinging to hope, dealing with rejection, unrequited love or jealousy, a tendency to alienate others, need to restrain malice.

Yasser Arafat, whom many say has failed(some would say purposefully failed)to adequately restrain extremist Palestinians bent on violence, has Klytia conjunct the Midheaven in the ninth house. Certainly the Palestinian media tends to foster anti-Israeli hatred. Arafat also has Klytia septile the Moon, quintile Jupiter, square the east Point, tredecile Pluto, trine the Vertex, sesquiquadrate Juno, and opposite Mars.

Gloria Steinem, whose words have been used by many a misandristic (man-hating) woman to justify her prejudice(e.g.: "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle"), but who wound up marrying a man she thought could give her the respect as a human being she felt she deserved, has Klytia in the fifth house conjunct the Sun and Mars, semisquare Mercury, semisquare Saturn, septile Chiron and the North Node, square Juno, biseptile Pluto, trine the Moon, and quincunx Neptune.

Tori Spelling, who gets little respect as an actor but who is determined to ignore the verbal attacks and play nice, has Klytia in the second house, conjunct Chiron, undecimal the Sun, sextile Saturn, quintile Jupiter, trine Juno and the Black Moon, sesquiquadrate Neptune, quadnonagon Pluto, and opposite Uranus.

Nelson Mandela has Klytia semisquare Mars, sextile Jupiter, trine Ceres, sesquiquadrate Pallas and opposite Uranus. He could very easily have lapsed into racism and vindictiveness as a result of his lengthy torment at the hands of the apartheid South African government, and it is true that when he was engaged in the anti-apartheid struggle he took his allies wherever he found them, but he has taken the moral high road with virtual consistency.

The current(14th) Dalai Lama has Klytia conjunct Pluto and Pallas, semisextile Venus, undecimal Mercury, nonile the Black Moon, semisquare the Moon and Chiron, and binonile Mars.

Geraldine Ferraro has Klytia in the fifth house, on the sixth cusp, semisextile Venus and the South Node, square Mars, sesquiquadrate the East Point, quincunx the North Node, and triseptile Vesta and the Part of Fortune. Women have come a long way in American politics since Ferraro was the bottom half of the Democratic presidential ticket in 1984; besides her political concerns, she is currently receiving cancer treatment.

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