Asteroid 1011, Laodamia, was discovered on January 5, 1924 by Karl Reinmuth at Heidelberg, Germany. It has a period of 3 years, 257 days.

It was named for two women in Greek mythology named Laodamia: Laodamia, wife of Protesilaos, who killed herself out of grief after her husband was killed in the Trojan War; and Laodamia, wife of Sarpedon and daughter of Bellerophon, who died suddenly (was killed by Artemis) one day while weaving.

Laodamia, an 1878 painting by Irish artist George William Joy (1854-1925)

The meaning of asteroid Laodamia seems to be: separated from one's love or desire (Peter Standaart), despondent, war casualty.

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