Asteroid 26955 is named Lie, in honor of Norwegian mathematician Marius Sophus Lie (1842-1899).

Sophus Lie

Lie was discovered 1997 June 30, 1997 by Paul G. Comba at Prescott, Arizona. It has a period of 3 years, 177 days..

Astrologically, Lie seems to mean what its name suggests to English-speakers by its spelling: to lie. (Actually, though, Sophus Lie's last name is pronounced Lee.)

Adolf Hitler had Lie in the third house, opposite Pallas (politics) and the Part of Fortune, and also sesquiquadrate his Venus (values) and Mars (aggression).

His henchman, master propagandist Joseph Goebbels, had Lie in the tenth house, opposite Uranus.

Disgraced televangelist Jimmy Swaggart, a notorious sexual moralizer whose career collapsed after he was caught patronizing prostitutes, has Lie in the tenth house conjunct Mercury, sextile Nessus (greed and lust), square Pallas, and quincunx Pluto (self-sabotage).

Charles Manson has Lie in the eighth house semisquare the Moon, sextile Damocles, and quincunx the Part of Fortune.

Oliver Stone, known for his somewhat fictionalized pseudo-documentary movies (JFK, Nixon) that reflect his personal beliefs, has Lie in the eighth house square Dolon (patriotism issues), sesquiquadrate Juno, and opposite Lilith, which reflects his left-leaning political views.

J. Edgar Hoover had Lie in the seventh house, square Hidalgo, sesquiquadrate Pallas and quincunx Cruithne: He stopped at nothing to promote his personal vision of law and order in America, except when the Mafia was threatening to out him as gay if he didn't protect them.

Con artist turned white-collar crime consultant Frank Abagnale (born April 27, 1948, in New Rochelle, New York), has Lie opposite Mercury, and also Askalaphus (to divulge or reveal).

The glyph for Lie is mine.

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