Asteroid 212, Medea, was discovered on February 6, 1880 by Johann Palisa at Pola observatory at Pula, Croatia. It has a period of 5 years, 180 days and is about 101½ miles in diameter.

It was named for Medea, a major character in the tale of the Quest of the Golden Fleece in Greco-Roman myth, the daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis (modern-day Georgia) and the niece of Circe. Medea, a powerful sorcerer, aided Jason in obtaining the Golden Fleece, by betraying her father and brother, and restored the youth of Aeson, Jason's aged father. When Jason abandoned her, she killed their two children and fled to Athens. There she married Aegeus, king of Athens, became jealous of his son Theseus, and finally left him.


Astrologically, Medea seems to indicate strong (or absent) emotions, love-hate relationships, scheming, involvement or feeling involved in something, misandry (hatred of men), playing around, to be or try to be attractive or "bewitching," cosmetics, witchcraft and the occult..

Serial killer Aileen Wuornos (born February 29, 1956, in Rochester, Michigan) had Medea semisquare Venus (love, values, indignation) and biquintile Neptune (mental illness, confusion).

Feminist writer Andrea Dworkin (born September 26, 1946 in Camden, New Jersey), who can be strident in her opinions, has Medea conjunct Mercury (writings) and Ixion (creating karma), decile Venus, tredecile Uranus (radical) and opposite Dioretsa (wild, foolish).

Poet Amiri Baraka has Medea semisquare the Sun (to shine), sextile Jupiter (philosophy, prosperity, publishing), and trine Uranus and Juno (the disenfranchised, giving away power). As poet laureate of New Jersey, he wrote a poem suggesting that Israel was responsible for 9-11; when he refused to resign the position of poet laureate of New Jersey, the New Jersey state legislature eliminated it.

George W. Bush, who has built his presidency on dealing with the 9-11 terrorist attacks and their aftermath as well as the terrorist threat to the US and elsewhere (not always ethically), has Medea in the second house of values, semisextile Chiron, sextile the Sun (chief executive, to lead, to shine), square Lilith (the marginalized, repressed rage), sesquiquadrate Hylonome (popular support) and opposite Damocles (danger, drastic change).

Ariel Sharon has Medea in the first house, conjunct Chiron (self-damage, need to pay attention), semisextile Uranus, semisquare Asbolus (awful things), sextile Mercury, Chaos (something new, chaos) and Heracles (to fight against, damaged by one's own strength), and trine Pholus (resistance to pressure). Despite his long negative history with Palestinians and other Arabs, as prime minister of Israel he has been forced to deal with them in a somewhat less bellicose manner than the one to which he has been accustomed, due to political realities. His visit to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in 2000 was taken with outrage by many Arabs and led to a renewal of Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Mary Kay Ash (born May 12, 1915 in Hot Wells, Texas), founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, had Medea sextile Pallas (conceptualization, standing up for what one believes), square Ceres (to nurture), Chariklo (to glamorize) and Dioretsa (something that sticks, kicking over the traces), and sesquiquadrate Juno (feminine beauty, reclaiming one's power). She left a corporate job and founded her company after being passed over for promotion by male superiors in favor of a less qualified man. Pink was her favorite color and she used gifts of pink Cadillacs as rewards for top-selling distributors.

Maggie Walker (born July 15, 1867, in Richmond, Virginia), the first female American millionaire and the daughter of a former slave, founded the nation's oldest minority-owned bank and was a civil-rights activist. She had Medea conjunct Heracles, semisextile Asbolus (bad experiences), decile Neptune (vision), sextile Pandora (to make a splash) and Dioretsa, trine Juno and Nessus (need to purify oneself of psychological toxins), and opposite Ceres.

Dineh Mohajer (born September 2, 1972), the founder of the Hard Candy cosmetics company, has Medea square Uranus (edgy) and Chiron (groundbreaking).

Influential Sixties hairstylist Vidal Sassoon (born January 17, 1928, in London), who created a number of low-maintenance hairstyles as well as a line of hair-care products (and gave his name to a Hebrew University institution for the study of anti-Semitism), had Medea conjunct Dioretsa, sextile Heracles and North Node (giving out, transcending past influences, making connections), and trine South Node (taking in, past influences, separation).

Hair-care guru Robert (Jheri) Redding (born March 2, 1907, in Rantoul, Illinois), who introduced the concept of pH balance to shampoos, had Medea decile Ceres, semisquare Ixion (inventive), square Vesta and Pholus (insinuating something in), tredecile Mercury (thinking, communicating, ideas, the commercial), trine Saturn (work), Juno, and Chariklo, and quindecile the South Node.

Wiccan author Jenine Trayer (aka Silver RavenWolf, born September 11, 1956), who has written both Wiccan instructional manuals and Wiccan-themed novels, has Medea semisextile Asbolus (advice offered), quintile Neptune (imagination, spirituality), trine Ceres (to nurture), quincunx Mars (energy) and Chariklo (glamorization), and contraparallel Vesta.

Laurie Cabot (born March 6, 1933 in Wewoka, Oklahoma), a Salem, Massachusetts businesswoman and Wiccan civil rights activist who was proclaimed "The Official Witch of Salem" by former Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis, has Medea conjunct Mercury (business, the media), Hylonome (popular appeal) and Varuna (to grow big), semisextile Venus, tredecile Pluto (transformation) and parallel Pallas (politics).

British Wiccan writer Sybil Leek, who helped popularize Wicca and other pagan faiths in the 1960s, had Medea conjunct Phaethon (a phenomenon) and semisextile Chaos (groundbreaking) and Juno (reclaiming power, relating).

Doreen Valiente (nee Dominy, born January 4, 1922, in London), another English Witch prominent in the 1960s and 1970s, had Medea conjunct Uranus and Cruithne (in touch with one's heritage), semisextile Chiron (awakening), sextile Vesta and Phaethon, trine Pluto, and parallel Hylonome and South Node (past influences, taking in).

The glyph for Medea is mine.

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