Asteroid 464, Megaira, was discovered on January 9, 1901 by Maximilian Wolf at Heidelberg, Germany. It has a period of 4 years, 253 days and is about is a little over 55 miles in diameter.

Megaira was named for one of the Furies, three Greek goddess who pursue and torment people guilty of violating fundamental taboos like murder and inhospitality. Her name means "hatred." The other two Furies are Alekto and Tisiphone.

Orestes Pursued By The Furies (1862), by French painter Adolphe-William Bouguereau (1825-1905)

Astrologically, Megaira seems to indicate hatred, inciting hatred, bigotry, accusations..

Bigoted right-wing professional ranters:

Professional homophobe Fred Phelps has Megaira semisextile Pandora (to make a splash, stir things up), sextile the Sun, square Hidalgo (to assert, to promote), and opposite Pallas (conceptualization, politics).

Ann Coulter has Megaira trine Venus and Dioretsa (foolishness), biquintile Pallas, quindecile the South Node (past experiences, taking in, separation), and opposite Jupiter (philosophy, publishing).

Radio talk-show host Michael Savage has Megaira conjunct Hylonome (popular appeal), semisextile Mercury (the media, talking, ideas), semisquare Ceres (to nurture), sextile Pandora, square Lilith (release of repressed rage, the marginalized), and quincunx Juno (the rage of the self-disempowered).

Rush Limbaugh has Megaira in the first house, semisextile Lilith and Heracles (to fight against), decile Mercury, semisquare the Moon (the people), and sextile Dioretsa.

Also: Fidel Castro, who has made a minor career out of giving the finger to the United States, has Megaira in the fourth house of circumstances at the beginning and end of life, on the IC, sextile Pallas, quintile Neptune (communism), square the Ascendant, trine Lilith, quincunx Phaethon, and opposite Mars (anger, aggression, the military).

Martin Luther King, Jr. had Megaira in the third house of the media, on the IC, semisquare the North Node and sesquiquadrate the South Node as well as opposite the Midheaven (career, authority, reputation).

Matthew Sheppard (born December 1, 1976, in Casper, Wyoming), who was beaten to death for being gay, had Megaira quindecile Phaethon (out of control) and contraparallel Juno (the disenfranchised).

The glyph for Megaira is mine and is intended to represent someone with a pointed finger, reaching for something at his or her side--a baton, a can of pepper spray, handcuffs, even a gun.

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