Asteroid 5405, Neverland, was discovered on April 11, 1991 by Yoshio Kushida and Osamu Muramatsu at Yatsugatake South Base Observatory near Hara, Nagano, Japan. Neverland has a period of 4 years, 129 days.

It was named after the 1910 play Peter Pan, probably the best-known work of British playwright Sir James Barrie (1860-1937), who also wrote a number of highly regarded plays for adults; Peter Pan was later adapted into several films, the latest a 2003 live-action film starring Jeremy Sumpter in the title role. "Never Land" is a fantastic island floating among stars which is the home of the eternal boy Peter Pan, the fairy Tinker Bell, and many others.

Neverland is also the name of a ranch in Los Olivos, California owned by Michael Jackson which features a private zoo and amusement park, where Jackson hosted gatherings of children and sleepovers; it eventually became the center of child-molestation scandals involving boys who had stayed at the ranch.

Astrologically, Neverland seems to indicate the world of fantasy or fiction, delusions, out of touch with reality.

James Barrie (born May 9, 1860 in Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland) had Neverland conjunct Saturn (work, career, to reap), semisquare Venus (art), quintile Uranus (unconventional), square the Sun (to shine, plays), trine Hidalgo (to promote, to assert), and quindecile the North Node (connections, growing beyond past influences).

JRR Tolkien had Neverland decile Ceres (to nurture), semisquare Jupiter (religion, publishing), quintile Mars (energy, aggression), trine Saturn, and opposite Asbolus (dark, something to say).

Theodor Seuss Geisel aka Dr. Seuss (born March 2, 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts), who was highly influential when it came to how children's books are written, had Neverland conjunct Damocles (pushing the envelope, experience of groupthink), semisextile Pallas (conceptualization), decile the North Node, trine Neptune and Chariklo (glamorization), sesquiquadrate Pluto (transformation), biquintile the South Node (separation, past influences), quincunx Mars and Vesta (dedication), and opposite Phaethon (a phenomenon, in the driver's seat).

Bob Keeshan (born June 27, 1927 in Lynwood, New York), the original host of "Captain Kangaroo," had Neverland sextile Juno (public persona), square Mercury (writing, speech, ideas, school-age children), and quincunx Hidalgo.

Fred Rogers had Neverland in the twelfth house, on the Ascendant, semisextile Jupiter (religion, philosophy, prosperity) and the North Node, sextile Moon (the public, early childhood, emotions, security) and Pluto (unforgettable, transformative), quintile Mercury, biquintile Saturn, and quincunx the South Node. A Presbyterian minister, he attempted to impart positive Christian values to his audience without proselytizing.

When "Sesame Street" first went on the air on November 10, 1969 in New York, Neverland was trine Chiron (lessons taught or learned, need to pay attention) and Dioretsa (wild, foolish, something that sticks) and opposite Varuna (grown huge).

Walt Disney, whose name is synonymous with the cute and the saccharine, had Neverland in the eighth house of legacies, square Chaos (a new order), trine Chiron and Don Quixote (taking on the system), quincunx Pandora, and opposite Lilith (something pushed aside).

Stephen King has Neverland in the third house, on the IC, conjunct Neptune (imagination, weirdness), sextile Phaethon, square the East Point (as the world sees you), trine Ixion (inventive, lust for life), sesquiquadrate Cruithne (a brand name, heritage, culture) and the Ascendant, quincunx Damocles, and opposite Dioretsa and the Midheaven.

Michael Jackson has Neverland conjunct Phaethon (a phenomenon, out of control), semisextile Varuna (huge, judgment), sextile Uranus (bizarre, [allegations of] homosexuality), square Ceres (to nurture), and opposite Pandora.

Nicolae Ceausescu, Romania's psychotic communist dictator, had Neverland conjunct the Sun, sextile Nessus (predatory) and Pallas (politics), trine Mars (aggression), quincunx Pluto (psychosis, tyranny) and opposite Neptune (delusions, without boundaries, expanding beyond all reason).

The glyph for Neverland is mine.

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