Asteroid 52872, Okyrhoe, a Centaur, was discovered September 19, 1998 by the Spacewatch Project at Kitt Peak Observatory near Sells, Arizona. It has a period of 24 years, 157 days, shorter than any other Centaur.

In Greek mythology, Okyrhoe (in Greek, "swift running" or "fast flowing") was the daughter of Chiron and Chariklo. A prophet, she was changed into a mare by the gods as punishment for revealing their plans to humankind.

Astrologically, Okyrhoe seems to indicate being criticized or attacked, being able to cope with attacks or unpopularity, ability to stand up for one's beliefs or principles.

German musician Taco Ockerse specializes in swing and soul and had fairly popular videos of Irving Berlin's "Puttin' On The Ritz" and "Let's Face The Music And Dance" in the US in the early 1980s. He was ahead of his time; it is more acceptable for young people to like older pop music than it was twenty years ago. Born July 21, 1955, in Jakarta, Indonesia, Taco has Okyrhoe semisquare Venus (singing), sextile Huya (something missing) and trine Hidalgo (ambition, promotion).

Chesterfield, Illinois zoophile Kevin McAfee (born August 6, 1960), who prefers female horses and evaded detection and capture in his rural area north of St. Louis for twenty years, has Okyrhoe undecimal Venus, sextile Veteraniya (experience, knowledge), Mercury (skill)and Elatus (ability to dissemble), square Jupiter (the law), and quincunx Augeias (a lot of crap).

Ted Nugent is a veteran heavy-metal rocker nicknamed the Motor City Madman who known for his cartoonish caveman act, propensity for hunting his own meat, support for the NRA, public racist remarks, and right-wing political beliefs in general. He has been the target of sometimes assaultive protests from animal-rights activists and vegetarians. Born December 13, 1948, in Detroit, Nugent has Okyrhoe semisextile Dioretsa (foolish, fumbling), sextile 2000 QC243 ("Negative: full of guilt and shame, projected onto others."--Phil Sedgwick), square Sekhmet (appropriate or controlled destruction), trine Vesta(committed, dedicated, emotionally distanced), and quincunx Thereus.

Screenwriter, film producer and former "gonzo" journalist Joe Eszterhas Eszterhas once suggested that teenagers under 17 bring fake IDs to get into R-rated movies, by way of a protest against stricter enforcement of the policy governing admission to R-rated films. He has Okyrhoe conjunct Nemesis, semisextile Persephone (transitions), Valentine (adversaries), Dominiona (ambition, desire for control, need to protect boundaries), and Sappho (sex, interest); square Arthur (acting with government backing, i.e., the First Amendment) and Sassi; trine Neptune (motion pictures); and quincunx Panacea (problem-solving), Thereus (wildness), and Juno.

Strom Thurmond, a US Senator from South Carolina, was the oldest and longest-serving senator in US history, and also holds the record for longest filibuster ever (against a civil rights bill, in the Fifties); he was once a segregationist presidential candidate. He has Okyrhoe conjunct Rhadamanthus (to judge); and square Neptune (ideals; denial; delusion), Deucalion (hard as rock, saying no, true destiny [or deep purpose]), Elatus (self-expression, speaking eloquently and perhaps misleadingly).

Natalie Maines, the frontwoman for The Dixie Chicks, who took a lot of flak over their public disapproval of George W. Bush, has Okyrhoe sextile Pallas (politics).

Oft-disparaged actress Tori Spelling has Okyrhoe in the first house, conjunct the cusp of the second, sextile Mercury (the media), square Saturn (work, career) and Juno (feminine beauty), and quincunx Uranus (television, independence).

Gloria Steinem has Okyrhoe in the ninth house, sextile Vesta, square Uranus, trine Pallas (defense of one's principles or of civilization) and the East Point (how the world sees you), parallel Neptune (idealism), and contraparallel Mercury.

Henry David Thoreau, whose ideas about self-sufficiency, nonviolence and civil disobedience were adapted by Mahatma Gandhi, had Okyrhoe sextile the South Node and trine Ceres (nurturance) and the North Node.

Astrologer and psychic Jeane Dixon had Okyrhoe in the tenth house, quintile Mercury and square the Sun.

Bill Clinton has Okyrhoe in the fifth house, trine Juno (relationships, marriage), sesquiquadrate Venus (values, love), and opposite the Sun.

The glyph for Okyrhoe is Zane Stein's creation and is derived from Okyrhoe's provisional designation, 1998 SG35.

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