Asteroid 1923, Osiris, was discovered on September 24, 1960 by C. J. van Houten and Ingrid van Houten-Groeneveld at Palomar Observatory near Pauma Valley, California. It has a period of 3 years, 293 days and is slightly less than 10 miles in diameter.

Osiris was named for the Egyptian god of vegetation and the underworld, of the waxing and waning Moon and of the annual flooding of the Nile River.


Astrologically, Osiris seems to have to do with sensitivity; metrosexuality, effeminateness or males otherwise displaying behavior traditionally associated with females; "getting torn apart" (literally or figuratively), amputation or dismemberment, scarred.

Ed Kowalczyk (born July 17, 1971 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania), the singer and chief songwriter of the rock band Live, projects a sensitive persona through his lyrics and performances. He has Osiris square Jupiter (prosperity), trine Hylonome (popular appeal), quindecile Juno (relating), and contraparallel the South Node (past experiences, separations).

Actor Alan Alda (born January 28, 1936 in New York) has projected a similar persona. He has Osiris sextile Neptune (motion pictures) and square Chariklo (glamorization).

Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, a sensitive and tormented man with a traumatic childhood who eventually committed suicide, had Osiris in the fourth house of circumstances at the beginning and end of life, tredecile Uranus (making changes, excitement), trine the North Node (giving out, making connections), and quindecile Jupiter.

Carson Kressley (born November 11, 1969, in Allentown, Pennsylvania), the fashion consultant on the hit reality show Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, has Osiris semisextile Ixion (inventive, creating karma), semisquare the Sun (to shine), trine Mars (energy) and Ceres (to nurture), quincunx Saturn (work, rewards and consequences), and opposite Chiron (teaching).

His castmate Thom Filicia (born May 17, 1969, in Syracuse, New York), the interior designer, has Osiris decile Neptune (imagination), square Talos (inventive), sesquiquadrate Pallas (conceptualization), and parallel Lilith (the arational), which Osiris also squares within 3 00'.

Their castmate Ted Allen (born May 20, 1965, in Indianapolis), the food and wine expert, has Osiris semisextile Asbolus (advice given but not necessarily taken), semisquare Lilith, square Chiron and Cruithne (in touch with one's roots), trine Pallas and Hidalgo (to assert, to promote), biquintile Neptune, and parallel Phaethon (in the driver's seat).

Their castmate Kyan Douglas (born May 5, 1970 in Miami), the grooming consultant, has Osiris trine Hylonome (care for appearance, popular appeal) and Damocles (experience of groupthink, to push the envelope) and quincunx Phaethon.

The fifth and last member of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy's "Fab Five," culture consultant Jai Rodriguez (born June 22, 1977 in Brentwood, New York), has Osiris decile Ceres, semisquare Pluto (mass action), quintile Uranus, tredecile Neptune, opposite Damocles (to push the envelope), parallel Pallas, and contraparallel Pandora (making a splash, unintended consequences).

Fred Rogers had Osiris in the fifth house of entertainment and children, semisquare Lilith, square Pholus, sesquiquadrate Mars, quincunx Mercury, opposite Uranus, and parallel Hylonome.

Actor James Dean had Osiris in the sixth house, on the Descendant, semisquare Dioretsa (wild and crazy) and the North Node, sextile Mars (young men, cars), Varuna (grown big), Hylonome, and Cruithne (in touch with one's heritage, branded), and sesquiquadrate Ceres, Elatus (expressing very well), and the South Node. He is the archetypal tormented young man at war with society; one of his most famous lines, from Rebel Without A Cause, is "You're tearing me apart!", which he delivered wailed out. He died young in a car crash.

David Reimer (born Bruce Reimer August 22, 1975 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) was a Canadian man who lost his penis shortly after birth as a result of a botched circumcision and then suffered through a misguided effort by his parents to raise him as a girl on the advice of an unethical psychiatrist. This psychological abuse eventually brought about his suicide. His twin brother, Brian Reimer, also committed suicide. David Reimer had Osiris semisquare Jupiter (attempts to help), sextile Phaethon (out of control) and the North Node, trine the South Node, and opposite Pallas.

John Wayne Bobbitt had his penis amputated with a kitchen knife as he slept and thrown into a field by his wife, Lorena Gallo, who had been abused by him. The penis was later re-attached. Gallo, who divorced Bobbitt, was later acquitted of aggravated assault, and Bobbitt later worked as a porn actor and brothel bouncer. His celebrity was brought about through the good offices of porn magazine publisher Larry Flynt. Bobbitt has Osiris in the eighth house of sex, other people's resources and legacies, semisextile the Sun, semisquare Mercury (the media) and trine Uranus (the unusual, the shocking, the bizarre).

Surfer Bethany Hamilton (born February 8, 1990), whose arm was bitten off by a shark as she surfed off the coast of Hawaii at the age of 13, now wears a stump or a prosthetic arm and continues to surf. She has Osiris conjunct Venus (adolescence, looks) and Saturn (consequences), sextile Pluto (making a lasting impression, to hell and back) and Talos (inventions), and contraparallel Pandora (making a splash, having an impact, unforeseen consequences).

Colorado hiker Aron Ralston (born October 27, 1975), who became famous for amputating his own arm when it became trapped beneath a boulder in a remote part of Utah, has Osiris square Varuna (grown big, judgmental).

Jeffrey Dahmer, who dismembered his victims, had Osiris in the sixth house of health, conjunct Cruithne, semisextile Ceres, sextile Nessus (ugly, toxic) and Hylonome, parallel Chaos (something groundbreaking), and contraparallel Mars (acids, tools for cutting, violence) and Talos ("throwing stones").

Konerak Sinthasomphone (born December 1, 1976, in Milwaukee), probably Dahmer's most famous victim, had Osiris semisquare Ceres, sextile Pluto, square Ixion, trine Neptune, quincunx Pholus (folly, infection), and contraparallel Pallas (politics) and Lilith (the marginalized). After fleeing Dahmer's apartment naked and bleeding from the anus, the slightly built 14-year-old Konerak was brought back to Dahmer by two Milwaukee police officers investigating the matter; Dahmer, incredibly, convinced them that Konerak was his adult gay lover and that they had just had an argument. Afterward, Konerak was killed. This was believed to be due to racism on the part of the police officers (Konerak was of Laotian descent).

Ed Gein, who also dismembered the people he killed (women) in order to wear their body parts, had Osiris in the seventh house of open enemies and court action, sextile Lilith and tredecile Pallas (conceptualization, politics). He was the inspiration for horror villains Norman Bates (created by Robert Bloch in his novel Psycho) and Hannibal Lecter (created by Thomas Harris in a series of novels including Red Dragon; The Silence of the Lambs; and Hannibal, and a host of imitations. Unlike New Bedford, Massachusetts, Lizzie Borden's hometown, Gein's hometown, Plainfield, Wisconsin, has not embraced his legacy; his house, where he committed his foul deeds, was burned down after he went to jail.

Sex criminal and murderer Lawrence Singleton (born July 28, 1927, in Tampa) had Osiris semisextile/quincunx the Nodes (giving out and taking in, past influences and acting to go beyond them, separation and connecting), trine Varuna and Hidalgo, and quincunx Pholus (tyranny, folly).

His most famous victim Mary Vincent (born May 17, 1963), a teenage hitchhiker who was raped and had her forearms hacked off by Singleton who then left her for dead beside a rural California highway, has Osiris sextile Neptune (confusion, delusion) and Chiron, square Chaos, trine Juno (giving away one's power) and opposite Hidalgo. After years in virtual hiding after Singleton got the relatively lenient sentence of 12 years, Vincent got to testify at his trial for murdering another woman, thereby helping to place him on Florida's death row, where he eventually died of cancer.

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