Asteroid 7008 Pavlov was discovered on August 23, 1985 by Russian astronomer Nikolai S. Chernykh at Nauchnyj, Ukraine. It has a period(year) of 4 years, 141 days.

Pavlov is a common Russian surname, and asteroid Pavlov is named for the late Russian astronomer Nikolai Nikiforovich Pavlov (1902-1985), a professor at Leningrad University and head of the Pulkovo Observatory Time Service, who contributed greatly to the study of the earth's rotation, and was the first to apply photoelectric, rather than visual, registration to meridian observations. (If you don't understand that last, well, neither do I, at least not yet; I repeat it as I was told it!)

However, most people in the West have strong associations of the name Pavlov with Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849-1936), a psychologist whose research on psychological conditioning with dogs, originally reported on in 1903, is very well known; he repeatedly gave them food as he rang a bell, and after a while they salivated in anticipation of food when they heard the bell ring whether there was food actually present or not. This development of automatized habitual association through repeated stimuli is known as Pavlovian conditioning. Ivan Pavlov's name has become synonymous, in fact, with reflexive, unthinking, predictable response("knee-jerk reaction"), especially when this Pavlovian behavior is the result of conditioning through habitual exposure to repeated stimuli.

Certain words, phrases or circumstances may trigger a predictable pat reaction that may have little or nothing to do with reality. When you are reacting this way, you are not thinking, merely responding; you are acting in a Pavlovian way, and this is what asteroid Pavlov is all about astrologically: running on autopilot, behavior dictated or influenced by pre-existing psychological complexes rather than according to the relevant facts in the here and now.

The notorious U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy, instigator of the anti-communist witch-hunt of the 1950s known as The Red Scare, had his Pavlov in his 7th house, conjunct Mercury and Mars(polemics), sextile Asbolus(bad things), opposite Quetzalcoatl(teaching, flawed heroism), semisextile Abanderada(political causes), and quincunx Saturn(accomplishment, karma).

Infamous anti-gay activist Anita Bryant's Pavlov is heavily aspected: semisquare the Moon; square Mercury, Neptune, Don Quixote, Chariklo(glamor, acting according to unexamined emotional impressions), Athanasia(immortality), and Walpurga("the evil witch"); trine Jupiter(the law), Hylonome(rallying the people), Hammurabi(harsh justice), Varuna(justice, grandness); opposite Bandersnatch(monsters in one's own mind) and Munchhausen(big lies); quincunx Venus(love, values, indignation), Uranus(gays, divorce), and Vesta(commitment); sextile/trine the North and South Nodes; and triseptile Mars(anger).

Karen Carpenter, famous singer and anorexia victim and not-so-famous pioneering rock drummer, also had a heavily aspected Pavlov: opposite the Moon, Mercury, Pluto, and Cuitlahuac(stopped by disease); square Damocles(crisis, drastic change), Pallas(female empowerment), Vertex(important or ideal relationships), NOT, and Hammurabi(harsh self-judgment); conjunct Jupiter, Yeti(bizarre beliefs), and Walpurga(notions of evil); parallel Venus(beauty); trine Neptune(illusion, delusion, ideality), Torricelli(being under pressure), Antigone(unyielding principle), and Wil(will); sextile Chiron(medicine, harsh lessons), Wurm(being pathetic), Cosicosi(indifference), and Bologna("baloney", poppycock); and quintile the Part of Fortune(development of life potential).

Kurt Cobain, who was also devoured by his own complexes, had his Pavlov exactly sextile his Mercury, and also trine his Uranus, Pluto, Don Quixote and East Point; square his Pallas(creativity), semisextile Hammurabi and quincunx Christabel(letting in something evil--his drug habit). His pain was the source of his magnificent, transforming creativity as well as of his destruction.

The glyph for Pavlov is the invention of Timothy Joko-Veltman, suggesting the bell that helped condition Ivan Pavlov's dogs to salivate.

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