Asteroid 49036, Pelion, a member of the Centaur class of asteroids which orbits among the gas giants, was discovered on August 21, 1998 by Robert J. Whiteley and David J. Tholen at the observatory atop Mauna Kea, near Kamuela, Hawaii. It has a period of 89 years, 21 days.

Pelion is named for Mount Pelion, the mountain in Greece's Thessaly region where in Greek mythology the Centaurs live.

Mount Pelion (in the distance, on the far side of the island)

Some keywords and keyphrases that have been derived for Pelion are:

initiation, awareness that life can be tough, being hard and cold, cynicism, need to earn one's keep or justify one's continued participation or membership (or not being able to), good citizenship (or the lack of it); the ability to work as part of a group or team; mean-spirited, cynical, impatient with those who fail to meet standards, taking advantage of people; fame or notoriety being used as a basis for results;

"- distrust; [possibly] paranoia; disbelief in altruism ;a period of extreme popularity, which diminishes over time, but never completely, and later become the base for further developments; manipulation of people, events, ideas, social currents, a desire to manipulate the system within, to connect the real and ideal."—Tim Joko-Veldman.

Bill O'Reilly (born September 10, 1949, in New York) has Pelion semisextile Torricelli (thriving on contention) and L'Encyclopédie(giving the appearance of being knowledgeable or authoritative); sextile Sun (to shine), Pallas (politics), 1999 XX143 (issues of fitting in to society) , and Weaver (trying to convince others that something is true when it's actually false or at least subjective:); square the Nodes and Munchhausen (big lies); and quincunx 1996 TL66 (tyranny, apocalypse) and Wilson-Harrington (a professional critic).

Former White House chief of staff Donald Regan (born December 21, 1918 in Cambridge, Massachusetts) disclosed that Nancy Reagan used astrology to plan Ronald Reagan's schedule while he was president and was in large part responsible for the Iran-contra scandal through the disorder that arose from way he managed the White House. He had Pelion semisextile Chaos (to break open) and Dioretsa (ineptitude) and square Mercury (writings).

King Mswati III, the absolute monarch of the southern African nation of Swaziland, is a wonderful example of why absolute monarchs are a dying breed; he has a real attitude of l'etat, c'est moi, ruling his country by whim. He has said that human rights do not exist and calls the human rights movement "an abomination before God." He says that all the world's problems are due to women wearing trousers, practices polygamy, and kidnaps, forcibly marries and keeps in virtual imprisonment unwilling women who happen to strike his fancy. Born on April 19, 1968, in Manzini, Swaziland, Mswati has Pelion conjunct Pallas and square 1999 XX143.

Pro golfer Annika Sorenstam, one of the world's foremost female golfers, has Pelion conjunct Pluto and Pandora (stirring things up), sextile 1999 TD10 (invasion), trine Juno (claiming one's power, relating), and quincunx Pallas (conceptualization) and Pholus (need to show proper respect, something extraordinary and public). She caused a stir and made some men uneasy when she competed alongside male golfers at a PGA golf tournament in Fort Worth, but her grace, professionalism and evident absence of a human-rights agenda by being there in the end put everyone at ease.

Derrick Todd Lee (born November 5, 1968), a truck driver from the small town of St. Francisville, Louisiana north of Baton Rouge, was fingered with DNA evidence in a string of rapes and murders in the Louisiana state capital after fleeing the area. Police took DNA samples from more than a thousand men in a dragnet whose legality and ethics many questioned. Lee has Pelion semisextile Huya (fleeing; out in the wilderness, as it were [i.e. beyond the pale, out in the cold]); square Venus (values); and quincunx Chaos.

Fred Rogers (born March 20, 1928, at 8:20 a.m. EST, in Latrobe, Pennsylvania) had Pelion in the 12th house conjunct Thetis (to seem or be regarded as weak or vulnerable), the East Point, and Chiron; semisextile Dali (creation of a fantasy world [like Rogers' "Neighborhood of Make-Believe"]); semisquare Stentor (highly publicized); sextile L'Encyclopédie (seeming very knowledgeable or wise) and Mercury (the media); square 1999 XX143 (having to do with operating as an individual within a social context) and Diana (Diana--Artemis to the Greeks--was the patron goddess of children and young animals); trine Pholus (ingratiating oneself, daily rituals, an "hour of power") and Dainty; quincunx Veritas ("truth" in Latin), Elatus (to express oneself), and Ornamenta (to be decorated, that is, given awards, of which Rogers had a profusion).

Jimmy Carter, another example of good citizenship, has Pelion in the seventh house semisextile Antigone (principled action [perhaps self-referring]), Hygeia (cleaned-up, wholesome), Heracles (to struggle with), and Pallas (politics, ideas, action taken in defense of civilization); sextile Vesta (dedication, commitment); square Athanasia (immortality), Jansky (to get guidance from "on high"--Carter is a devoutly religious person), and Helio (doing one's duty); trine Atropos (conditions at the finish; also, repetitive action: Carter keeps "plugging away"), Sassi (to act as a defiant protester, critic or outsider), Yarilo (beautiful, idealistic, but ineffectual), Toro (confrontation, challenging others, the macho viewpoint), Abstracta (not seen as having any connection with the "real world", and Pholus (issues involving fear of power or weapons, need for ceremony and reverence); quincunx Apollo (high focus; crisis), Hammurabi (harsh or archaic codes of conduct), Ixion (inventive; negative karma), and Mercury (media, thoughts, writings, speeches); and opposite McAuliffe (liabilities, negative associations [like with Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi]) and Sphinx (lack of understanding).

Judith Martin (nee Perlman, aka Miss Manners; born September 13, 1938 in Washington, DC) has Pelion as the point of two interlocking yods, one involving 2002 VQ94(to shatter or excise) and Boucolion (rough edges, bad manners), and the other Pelion, Boucolion and Sophrosyne(need for humility), Pholus (need to show respect for others), 2002 VE95(mixed blessings), 1996 TO66 (a vision of how things should be), and 1992 QB1(standing up for one's beliefs). Also aspecting Pelion tightly: Huya(service to others) (semisextile Pelion); Fisher (searching for something), Komsomolia (institutions set up to instill proper values and behavior) (sextile Pelion); Hopi (deep-seated defense of something), Patientia (patience, forbearance), Volta (electrifying; getting a jolt) (all square Pelion); Flora (the "flower" of something), Moe (more, to a high degree)(both trine Pelion); and Dulcinea (wistfulness) and Hammurabi (an exacting and intricate code of conduct) (opposite Pelion).

William Bennett (born July 3, 1943 in Brooklyn), former Education Secretary under Ronald Reagan, self-appointed moral arbiter, and high-rolling gambler, has Pelion conjunct Astyanax (feeling that it is necessary or expedient to get rid of something or stop doing something [like gambling]), semisextile Godiva ("by any means necessary"; naked in public, so to speak [like the emperor in the fable, wearing his "new clothes']), Coelum (Latin for "heavens" or "sky"--religious beliefs), and Pest (to be a pest); sextile Excalibur (feeling a need or feeling that one has a mission to "save the world"[?]), Sophrosyne (need for humility), Casanova (selfish or disreputable pleasure), Mars (aggression, action, a "muscular" or conservative approach), Sokrates (a free-lance teacher or preacher), Demeter (care-taking, having to do with land [like national territory--that is, nationalism]), Venus (values, indignation, relating, what is considered beautiful), and Chiron (lessons to teach--and learn); square Pecker (being obnoxious and overbearing), Athanasia (immortal, that which has stood or is believed to have stood the test of time), Fantasia (self-delusion, fantasy), Anubis (a puritanical obsession with dirt and death), Thalia (to enjoy something), Actor (to take action, to play a role), and Quaoar (to be creative, to be put under a microscope); trine Arcadia (a countrified or conservative sort of viewpoint) and Cupido (the need to be concerned with appearances); quincunx Nostalgia, Stereoskopia (need to see others three-dimensionally, rather than two-dimensionally, i.e., as cardboard cutouts or as cartoon characters), Hera ("rights" issues)

The glyph for Pelion is a creation of Zane Stein and is derived from the asteroid's provisional name, 1998 QM107.

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