Asteroid 174, Phaedra, was discovered on September 2, 1877 by J. C. Watson at Ann Arbor, Michigan. It has a period of 4 years, 304 days and is slightly more than 51 1/2 miles in diameter.

Phaedra was named for the wife of Theseus; she was the daughter of Minos and Pasiphae and sister of Ariadne. Phaedra became infatuated with her stepson Hippolytus and made overtures to him, but was rejected. In anger and humiliation she hanged herself, but left a message accusing Hippolytus of having attacked her. The outraged Theseus, without hearing Hippolytus' side of the story, appealed to Poseidon, god of sea, for appropriate revenge. Poseidon sent a sea monster which terrified Hippolytus' horses so that they bolted and dragged their master to his death under the wheels of his own chariot.

Theseus and Minos' Daughters, (1702) by Italian artist Benedetto Gennari (1633-1715)

Astrologically, Phaedra seems to indicate unusual or depraved tastes or appetites, passive-aggressive behavior, sacrifice for malice, devious revenge.

Bernd-Jurgen Brandes (born January 19, 1958), a German man who voluntarily allowed himself to be killed, butchered and eaten by Armin Meiwes, a man he had contacted online for the purpose, had Phaedra semisquare Pluto (a death wish), square Asbolus (something awful), trine Chiron (the maverick), and opposite Vesta (dedication) and Don Quixote (travel).

New York child killer and cannibal Albert Fish (born May 19, 1870 in Washington) had Phaedra semisextile Ceres, sextile Pallas (politics), Nessus (predatory), Cruithne (to make one's name) and Hylonome (high emotional gradient, pathos), quintile Mars (violence, meat), sesquiquadrate Ixion (inventive), and parallel Mercury (schemes, speech, the media).

Ed Gein had Phaedra in the tenth house, decile the South Node (past influences), tredecile Jupiter (religion, the law), trine Don Quixote (taking on the system), and biquintile the North Node (manifestation of past influences).

Jeffrey Dahmer had Phaedra in the seventh house of open enemies, semisextile the Sun (to shine), decile Mercury, sextile Chiron (the maverick, self-wounding, stumbling block), square Pallas and trine Jupiter.

Kevin McAfee (born August 6, 1960), a Chesterfield, Illinois man who allegedly spent decades sneaking onto local farms to have sex with horses, has Phaedra sextile Heracles, Pandora (making a splash, having an impact) and Asbolus (awful things), square Ceres (agriculture, farms) and quincunx Ixion (inventive, blowing chance after chance).

Paul Shanley, a renegade Catholic priest who advocated sex with boys and helped to found NAMBLA, has Phaedra semisextile the North Node (connections), square Venus (one's idea of love, adolescents, values), trine Damocles (transgressive, crisis, danger, pushing the envelope, experience of groupthink), quincunx the South Node (separations) and opposite Pallas.

Karla Homolka, who participated in the acting out of her husband Paul Bernardo's S&M and snuff fantasies with kidnapped young girls, including her own sister, had Phaedra in the fourth house of home and family, semisextile Ceres (family) and Chiron, sextile Pallas and the North Node, and trine the South Node.

Mohammed Atta, leader of the 9-11 hijackers, had Phaedra sextile Mercury, Venus (values) and Uranus (revolutionary, aviation, upsets, disruption, rejection, illegality) and opposite Varuna (fundamentalism, enormity, judgment).

Nathuram Godse, who went to the gallows for killing Mahatma Gandhi unrepentant, had Phaedra semisextile Hidalgo (to assert, to promote), square Chiron, Varuna, Asbolus and Ixion (creating karma), trine Chariklo (losing perspective), sesquiquadrate Neptune (delusions, led astray) and Juno (throwing away power), and quincunx Elatus (powerful statement, deception of self and others).

The glyph for Phaedra is mine.

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