Asteroid 614 Pia was discovered on October 11, 1906, at Heidelberg, Germany, by August Kopff. It has a period of 4 years, 154 days and is about 19 1/4 miles in diameter. Its name may have been inspired by the Piu Observatory at Trieste, Italy, which was named by German astronomer Johann Nepomuk Krieger(1865-1902) for his wife, Pia. J.N. Krieger, a selenographer, or lunar geographer, is noted for his high-quality hand-drawn lunar maps.

Pia is Italian for "pious," and this is the key to asteroid Pia's astrological meaning:piety; religiousness(or excessive religiousness, which is to say, religiosity); strong faith in something.

The Grand Mosque in Mecca during the hajj season.

Billy Graham has a prominent Pia(!): conjunct his Midheaven, and also his Moon, in the tenth house of career and reputation. Interestingly enough, actress Shannen Doherty also has a prominent Pia—conjunct her Sun(and Whiterabbit). She was raised a Southern Baptist and began her acting career working for legendary family-values producer Michael Landon; she led the 1992 Republican National Convention in the Pledge of Allegiance. Shortly thereafter, her squeaky-clean conservative image was annihilated in a blizzard of ugly tabloid headlines about wild partying, profligate spending, tempestuous relationships, legal problems and on-set turmoil, a period which soon ended, because the public seems unwilling to accept her as a party girl. Also those who are her fans tend to be fiercely loyal to her.

A Wiccan ritual.

Linda Boreman(better known as Linda Lovelace), a former porn star turned anti-porn activist and born-again Christian, had Pia conjunct Chiron, square Saturn, and semisquare the East Point; the public will always remember her for Deep Throat, perhaps in part because Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein borrowed the title of that movie for the code name of the shadowy informant within the Nixon Administration who supplied them with the information that ultimately forced Richard Nixon out of the White House.

Jim Bakker has Pia in the ninth house, trine Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Pallas and sextile Neptune. Anita Bryant has Pia in the fourth house, cusping the fifth, square Mercury and the Black Moon, trine Jupiter and quincunx the Midheaven. Both are intensely religious, and both had to be taught hard lessons in humility.

An aerial view of the campus of the California Institute of Technology(Caltech)in Pasadena, California.

Ayn Rand, who was a strong believer in atheism-rationalism and a freethinker, nevertheless had a Pia in her chart, too. It was conjunct Skepticus.

The glyph for Pia—resembling a rosary—is my own conception.

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