Asteroid 147, Protogeneia, was discovered July 10, 1875 by Leopold Schulhof at Vienna, Austria. It has a period of 5 years, 202 days and is slightly over 99 miles in diameter.

Protogeneia means "first-born" in Greek. The asteroid's name comes from the fact that it was the first asteroid discovered by an astronomer who had already made his name in other areas of astronomy. At the time of Protogeneia's discovery, Schulhof was an assistant at the Vienna Observatory.

Astrologically, Protogeneia seems to indicate something done for the first time, something pivotal, initiation, rite of passage.

Enrico Fermi, who supervised the first controlled nuclear chain reaction, had Protogeneia sextile Asbolus (bad things) and biquintile Pallas (politics).

Yuri Gagarin, the first human in space, had trouble handling his fame, reportedly descending into drink; he had Protogeneia square Asbolus and trine Dioretsa (going off course).

Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space, has Protogeneia undecimal Hylonome (dangerous pursuits, increased emotion), sextile Uranus (revolutionary) and Pandora (making a splash, gifted, feminism), and trine Lilith (hard to accept) and Elatus (powerful statement). The gap between her flight and the flight of Svetlana Savitskaya, the second woman in space, was about 19 years, and Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, went up the following year, in 1983.

Neil Armstrong, the first human to walk on the moon, has Protogeneia undecimal Pandora (making a splash, having an impact, stirring things up), semisquare Juno (public persona), square Heracles (huge accomplishment) and Cruithne (to be marked, country, heritage), trine the Sun, Ceres (to nurture), and Phaethon (a phenomenon), quincunx Pallas (politics), and contraparallel Pluto (power, transformation). There are some that believe that more could have been accomplished in space flight if the somewhat reclusive Armstrong had taken a more active role in promoting it.

Thomas Ferebee, the bombardier aboard the Enola Gay, who released the Little Boy atom bomb onto Hiroshima, had Protogeneia conjunct the Sun, sextile Ixion (creating karma) and trine Jupiter (support from others_.

Hirohito, who was forced by Douglas MacArthur following Japan's defeat in World War II to renounce his status as a living god and who then let his son Akihito marry a woman not from an aristocratic family, had Protogeneia in the eighth house of legacies, on the ninth cusp, decile the Midheaven (career, reputation, authority), quintile Neptune (stymied, spirituality), square Juno, trine the Sun and Venus (values), and quincunx Ceres (family).

Tiffany Accardi (born July 16, 1979), whose death at the age of 16 in a car accident led to the passage of a law in Florida mandating graduated driving privileges for minors, had Protogeneia trine Juno (losing power) and Phaethon (driving, out of control, crashing and dying) and quincunx Chaos (a new order) and Chariklo (need to maintain perspective).

Steven Judd (born November 18, 1983 in El Paso), who drank himself to death celebrating his 21st birthday, had Protogeneia decile Mars (energy), semisquare Venus, sextile Vesta (focus, dedication), square Sun, and trine Juno (public persona, surrendering power).

The glyph for Protogeneia is mine.

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