The Coming Of The Red Death


Mark Andrew Holmes

A veil of crimson light descends from space

Immediately following a musical click

That resounds through the universe

Like the striking of a crystal bell,

As the cosmos clicks into the position

Decreed at the dawn of time.

A black veil swims over the moon and it is blotted out;

The sun is bathed in a scarlet haze like fresh blood,

Shining hideously like Erzebet Bathory;

The sky is defiled, besmirched, with ashy gray and tarry black;

A tremendous shriek arises from the throat of Gaia and all her children,

A horrible, groaning, moaning cry,

A ghastly Treblinka-like protest,

As the earth and its creatures are engulfed with the rapidity of thought.

This was their own doing.

© 2005 by Mark Andrew Holmes.

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