Mark Andrew Holmes

Arise on the hurricane,

Dance with the dark one—

Emaciated, ravenous,

Blind, pallid, tenebrous, dank, icy and turbulent—

Winging precipitously, wildly, across the sky, upon the earth:

A black holocaust of deadly cold, consuming all life, light and heat;

A hurtling, careering invisible leaden amorphous mass,

Lurching and skidding, bludgeoning, crashing and smashing;

A whistling, howling wall of unseen force—

Self-willed, fearsome, capricious and unpredictable.

Swim with the sharks, intentionally or not,

Willingly or not—

Expect to get bitten.

© 2005 by Mark Andrew Holmes

(Author's note: Wraggeowrapper, a malefic deity of a now-extinct Australian Aboriginal tribe of Tasmania, was the personification of strong cold nighttime winter winds.)

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