A Lot They Know


Mark Andrew Holmes

Image of a family at Thanksgiving dinner—

Rotting corpses alive with fleas and pallid larvae, squirming and jumping,

Wordlessly playing poker at an ebony table in a squalid, cobwebby room at night

Under too-bright fluorescent lights that flicker and buzz like angry bumblebees.

Black and red candles burning to the Scarlet Lady on an altar—

Incense filling the air with a cloying reek of jasmine—

Black widow spiders skittering across the table—

Roses tumbling endlessly from midair, from nothingness, onto the wood and bouncing to the floor—

And a mute figure in a black robe and cowl with a dark void for a face and skeleton hands—

Dealing yet again.

© 2007 by Mark Andrew Holmes.

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