The Bird Of Paradise


Mark Andrew Holmes

Flying forever around the sun

His vivid polychrome feathers brilliantly reflect the light.

Around and around he flies; he is immortal.

The eye-popping disco-ball rainbow of his plumage never fades, never drops;

Light sparkles, wheels and cascades from him as he circles,

Rays falling to earth in an actinic monsoon and splashing up into more rainbows where they fall,

An astonishing continuous peaceful cyclone of chatoyant hypersaturated color...

Of light sun-like in its intensity.

He is not equipped to touch the earth,

Yet he is always in the sun-light of Truth

Upon which he dances attendance,

And he sips ambrosia and nectar from the hands of the gods.

An eternal wanderer, only Earth can bring him peace;

But Earth is eternally far, far below him.

© 2009 by Mark Andrew Holmes.

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