The Turkey


Mark Andrew Holmes

(Author's note: The Aztec god Tezcatlipoca, co-creator of the universe, was associated with temptation and was often considered dark and sinister, but when he appeared as the turkey Chalchiuhtotolin ["precious turkey" or "jeweled turkey"] he granted prosperity to whoever could grab his tail.)

And the Dark Master tempted with the begemmed bird;

Grab its tail for all you could ever want.—

The Captain of Industry found time to vacation with his family,

And left his briefcase home,

While another stares out into the night from his penthouse deck at the city, alone.

Beneath the glitter, a woman discovers sordidness in the Dream Factory;

She puts her hand in a woodchuck's maggoty corpse

And is too hardened even to gasp.

She likes her ranch in the rarefied air of the mountains,

And is sincere in her love for causes,

Although she's been divorced three times.

Somehow, you find time enough from the Carousel for Communion—

Be careful not to vomit or let it throw you off:

The ground underneath it is unforgiving; it is asphalt.

Tezcatlipoca made one after another dance to his tune,

Until they reeled off the lip of the precipice.


Gaia still hates them and cries for what they've done.

© 2010 by Mark Andrew Holmes.

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