Asteroid 11144, Radiocommunicata, was discovered on February 2, 1997 by Jana Tichá and Milos Tichư at Klet Observatory near Cesky Budovice, Czech Republic. It has a period of one day shy of 5 years.

Radiocommunicata was named in honor of the staff at the Klet broadcasting tower.

Astrologically, Radiocommunicata seems to mean what its name suggests: radio communication, or the use of radio to entertain, inform, perform or propagandize.

Guglielmo Marconi (born April 25, 1874, at 8:24 a.m. UT in Bologna, Italy) had Radiocommunicata in the seventh house, semisextile Hidalgo (to promote, to defend), quintile Mercury (language, code) and Pallas (conceptualization), square Neptune (a dream) and Asbolus (what may not be believed), trine Mars (mechanical things) and Ixion (inventive), and quincunx the Moon (the public).

Philo Farnsworth (born August 19, 1906, in Beaver, Utah), the inventor of television, which often uses radio waves as a broadcast method, had Radiocommunicata decile the Sun (to shine), sextile Juno (projecting images, the performing arts), and quindecile Uranus (innovation, invention).

The BBC chart (first radio broadcast, November 1, 1927, midnight GMT, London) has Radiocommunicata in the second house of earned income and financial resources, semisquare Mercury, sextile Pallas, and quincunx the Midheaven (reputation, authority).

Astronaut Neil Armstrong (born August 5, 1930, in Wapakoneta, Ohio), who spoke the first words ever uttered on the Moon ("That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind") has Radiocommunicata trine Mercury and Neptune (idealism).

Hirohito, who was forced by Douglas MacArthur after Japan's defeat in World War II to tell his people he was not a god, had Radiocommunicata in the fifth house, cusping the sixth, semisextile Dioretsa (something that sticks, veering onto a different course), tredecile the Moon, and contraparallel the North Node (moving beyond the past).

Rush Limbaugh has Radiocommunicata in the third house, semisextile Chaos (activism), square Pholus (need to show respect, dictatorial behavior), trine Chiron (ingenuity, teaching), and quincunx Juno.

Iva Toguri d'Aquino (born July 4, 1916 in Los Angeles), aka Tokyo Rose, who broadcast Axis propaganda to Allied soldiers for the Japanese and landed in prison as a result, had Radiocommunicata conjunct Pluto (criminal behavior), sextile Jupiter (foreign countries), tredecile Vesta (dedication), and parallel Mercury and Uranus (deviant, rebellious).

Her colleague William Joyce (born April 24, 1906, in New York), aka Lord Haw-Haw, who was hanged by the British for treason after the defeat of Germany, had Radiocommunicata decile Neptune, square Vesta, biquintile Uranus, and parallel Venus (values, indignation, art). Some analysts call his on-air style, which was considerably less formal than was the custom among BBC announcers, seminal.

Another American-expatriate Axis propagandist, Mildred Gillars (born Mildred Sisk November 29, 1900 in Portland, Maine), aka Axis Sally, had Radiocommunicata quintile Ceres (nurturance), square Pallas (politics) and trine Chiron. She often posed as a Red Cross worker to gain the trust of American POWs whose words she then twisted into Nazi propaganda.

Disk jockey Alan Freed (born December 15, 1921 in Windber, Pennsylvania), who in the 1950s bucked American bourgeois convention by playing black musicians' records for white young people and showing interracial dancing on a television show he hosted, and popularized rock-and-roll and coined the term, had Radiocommunicata nonile Pluto (unforgettable) and contraparallel Juno (the disadvantaged).

Howard Stern (born January 12, 1951, in New York) has Radiocommunicata sextile Neptune (scandal, idealism), tredecile Pallas, trine Juno, and parallel Sun. He left FM radio for satellite radio rather than suffer persecution by an increasingly conservative and harsh Federal Communications Commission.

The glyph for Radiocommunicata is mine.

Thanks to Jonathan Dunn for introducing me to this asteroid.

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