Asteroid 20012, Ranke, was discovered on September 13, 1991, by Friedrich Börngen and L. D. Schmadel at Tautenburg Observatory in Tautenburg, Thuringia, Germany. Ranke has a period of 4 years, 85 days. It was named for Leopold von Ranke (1795-1886), a professor of history in Berlin from 1825 to 1871 who created the basis for the modern study of history by exact research and criticism of original sources.

Leopold von Ranke

Astrologically, though, Ranke seems to be about rank, things that are rank, or "ranking out" (calling names).

Henry Kissinger has Ranke in the ninth house, sextile Agamemnon (brutal generalship), square 2002 TX300 and 1999 CY118 (monsters society created), opposite Vesta (dedication, intensity, commitment). His past immersion in Realpolitik as U.S. Secretary of State under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford has come with a price: he is a wanted man in numerous foreign countries and many people who presumably are lacking in the adult sophistication (2002 TX300) Kissinger professes quite understandably feel loathing for him.

David Koresh had Ranke in the twelfth house, conjunct Venus and Boucolion (lack of sophistication), square Lilith (marginalization, repressed rage), and quincunx 1992 QB1 (religious expression, to witness). Some people continue to be confused about who he really was and claim the government murdered him and his followers.

British child murderer Myra Hindley, who did her foul deeds in conjunction with her boyfriend Ian Brady, had Ranke conjunct Heracles (poisoned by one's own behavior) and sextile Venus.

Charles Manson has Ranke on the Descendant, tightly conjunct Jupiter (law, philosophy) and opposite Pallas (politics, mental perception, dependent women) as well as the Ascendant.

Laura Schlessinger has Ranke square Agamemnon (ruthlessness), Hektor (bullying), and 2002 TX300 (rough edges, conservativism), trine Uranus (broadcasting, gays), and opposite 2002 TC302 (political climate, stress). She uses her radio show to trash people. When she tried to branch out into TV, angry gays and sympathetic people drove her TV talk show off the air.

Queen Elizabeth has Ranke square Don Quixote and 1999 XX143, trine Juno, quincunx Varuna, and opposite Thersander. She has come under fire for her alleged cold treatment of her late ex-daughter-in-law Princess Diana and for her husband Prince Philip's gaffes; there are some who consider the British monarchy an unconscionable anachronism. But she has handled the scandals created by her family quite well and is highly regarded. There was a time when she was not expected to do much of anything—until she became the heir apparent when her father George VI became king following the unexpected abdication of her uncle Edward VIII.

The glyph for Ranke is mine.

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