Asteroid 16912 Rhiannon is an Amor asteroid, orbiting in the inner solar system just beyond the orbit of Earth. It has a period(year) of 2 years, 62 days. It was discovered on March 2, 1998, at Caussols, Alpes-Maritimes, France, by the ODAS(OCA-OCR Asteroid Survey) team: Alain Maury, Dominique Albanese, Gerhard Hahn, Martin Hoffman, Hans Scholl, Christophe Bellingeri, Harald Michaelis, Stefano Mottola, Magnus Lundstrom, and Detlef DeNiem. Officially, they all share the credit for Rhiannon's discovery even though only the first four members named actually made the discovery observation, because ODAS was a collective endeavor.

16912 Rhiannon was named for a goddess of the Brythonic(Welsh) Celts. Rhiannon, whose name means "great queen", is an underworld goddess of Welsh pagan belief who has to do with calm, enchantment, magick, prophecy, and fertility. She rules birds and horses and is said to ride a swift white horse.

When her son Pryderi, whose name means "trouble" or "worry", disappeared, abducted and then raised in exile by a kindly stranger, Rhiannon was accused of killing him; her husband, Pwyll(pronounced PEE-ool), believed her innocent yet bowed to the wishes of the gods and sent her into exile, from which she eventually returned.

The Welsh goddess Rhiannon

The story of Rhiannon and Pwyll

Asteroid Rhiannon has to do with accusation, either true or false, though it is apt to be believed false by allies of the accused regardless; legal and other trouble, disrepute, enchantment(as fascination or mystery), swift flight, disappearances, abscondings, escapes, abductions; the state of being an exile, a banishee, a refugee, an expatriate, a runaway, or a fugitive.

On March 24, 1976, a military coup overthrew Argentinian President Isabel Per`on, who spent the next 5 years in detention before being allowed to emigrate to Spain in 1981. The coup ushered in a now-infamous reign of terror in which right-wing military officers abducted, tortured, and murdered thousands of political opponents, made them disappear, and adopted away their children to other families without permission in a psychotic witch-hunt which was in part documented by Jacobo Timermann in his book Prisoner Without A Name, Cell Without A Number. These dark times ended after Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, a British possession in the South Atlantic off the Argentinian coast which Argentina has long claimed; British troops quickly drove the Argentinians out, resulting in the military tyranny's collapse in 1983.

At the time of the coup, Argentina's secondary progressed Varuna(judgment, immortal good or bad fame) was opposing its natal Rhiannon in Taurus, and its secondary progressed Rhiannon was conjunct its natal Leo Mars(the military, force, aggression); sextile its natal Libra Ceres(the children and others made to vanish); quincunx its natal Pisces Chiron; and semisextile its natal Cancdr Sun(leadership, how the country "shines"). The disappearances and forcible adoptions are among the most prominent features of this dark chapter in Argentinian history.

Steven Stayner, a California boy abducted by a pedophile at age 7, who brainwashed him and forced him to serve as a sex slave for 7 years, had Rhiannon at 12 Gemini 16 in the 4th house, involved in a Mutable Grand Cross by virtue of its conjunction with his North Node and Hylonome, also opposing his South Node, and square his Saturn, Ceres, Heracles, and Chiron in 1st-house Pisces and his Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Don Quixote in 7th-house Virgo. He also had Rhiannon, North Node and Hylonome trine and South Node sextile a satellitium in Aquarius consisting of his Ascendant, Pallas and Damocles. Further, Rhiannon sextiles Cosicosi in Leo in the 6th house. He finally put an end to his long ordeal after the pedophile abducted a five-year-old boy on February 14, 1980; two weeks after that, the 14-year-old walked into a Ukiah, CA police station with the child. The pedophile, Kenneth Parnell, served a mere five years in prison for his crime. This was a time before Amber Plans, Code Adams, Megan's Laws and well-organized clearinghouses and activist groups for missing and exploited children, when kids could more easily vanish and pedophiles operated with less fear of punishment, and lighter punishment when they were punished.

Chandra Levy, a Washington intern from Modesto, CA who was the mistress of U.S. Representative Gary Condit and vanished from her Washington, DC apartment May 1, 2001, had a very heavily aspected Rhiannon. It is tightly conjunct Pallas(accomplishment, intelligence) and Asbolus(terrible things), more loosely conjunct East Point(appearance before the world), Abanderada("the banner-waver"), and Saturn, the whole in 12th-house Leo, forming one leg of a Kite harmonic syndrome whose other members are Venus(love) and Chariklo(glamor, glitz, celebrity) in 8th-house Aries; Neptune(mystery) in 4th-house Sagittarius; and Pluto(crime) in 2nd-house Libra. Rhiannon, with Pallas and Asbolus, forms the point of a yod whose other members are the Vertex(significant relationships or encounters) in 5th-house Capricorn and the Moon in 7th-house Pisces. Also, Saturn/Rhiannon/Pallas/Asbolus/Abanderada/East Point/Ascendant form the pivot of a Fixed T-square whose other members are Uranus in 3rd-house Scorpio and Levy's elevated Mercury(media), Phaethon(being a "chump"), Heracles(overcoming) and Cosicosi(indifference, possibly of the reprehensible or culpable kind) in 9th-house Taurus.

Further, Rhiannon quintiles Jupiter(the law, politics), biquintiles Mars(law enforcement, anger, aggression), and biseptiles("I use the talent") Juno(relating, being the underdog) and Chiron(gaining wisdom, being wounded). Rhiannon semisquares Ceres(family). Finally, Rhiannon contraparallels Nabokov(forbidden fruit, guilty pleasures) and Munchhausen("talk is cheap when the story is good", tall tales and wild stories, gaining attention through hurting oneself and/or others).

Conspiracy theories and speculation abound in this case; Gary Condit found himself in the center of a firestorm of criticism and controversy that eventually destroyed his political career. Those with an agenda(Abanderada) have frequently compared Condit to former president Bill Clinton. Levy's skeletal remains were found in a remote area of Washington's Rock Creek Park near her apartment by a man walking his dog and looking for turtles a little over a year after her disappearance. Her death has been ruled a homicide, though the exact cause of death is unknown; it is possible that she was mugged passing through that secluded area and sexually assaulted before being killed.

In the chart of famous missing person Jimmy Hoffa, Rhiannon is not very strongly aspected--it squares the Vertex(fated encounters, significant relationships), semisquares Uranus(labor unions), and biquintiles Neptune (mystery, conspiracy). But it is angular upon the Midheaven in the 10th house. (It is believed that Hoffa, the legendary Teamsters Union president, was the victim of a gangland murder.)

Rhiannon's asteroid number adds up to 1, a number of leadership and strength, via 19, a number that brings things to an end and is associated mystically with the Moon. (1 + 6 + 9 + 1 + 2 = 19.) Running away is a means by which many women and girls deal with serious problems(as a bad relationship with parents or an abusive partner). 1 + 9 = 10. 10 is a number associated with Persephone, the Greek counterpart of Rhiannon, by Aleister Crowley(in 777).

The glyph for Rhiannon is my own creation: a stylized representation of a butterfly, symbol of the soul since time immemorial, and the glyph for the Celtic astrological sign of Ivy, associated with the goddess Rhiannon and with the Western sign of Scorpio, according to Helena Patterson, an authority on Celtic astrology. Souls emanate from the gods and eventually return to them, having expiated karma or created more. Karma is perhaps why many things happen to us, but free will still remains. "Would you break a butterfly on a wheel?", Mick Jagger's lawyer once said when Jagger was arrested in the 1960s on a drug charge that many saw as excessively harsh, if not reactionary persecution on the part of the system.

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