Asteroid 188847, Rhipeus, a Jupiter Trojan, was discovered on March 23, 2006 by Josh Vanderhill and Larry Molnar of Calvin College at the Calvin-Rehoboth Observatory in Rehoboth, New Mexico (east of Gallup). It has a period of 11 years, 311 days.

It was named for Rhipeus, a Trojan who died fighting alongside Aeneas during the fall of Troy.

From Book 2 of Vergil's Aeneid:

"Rhipeus went down, the justest man of us all,

And the most zealous and scrupulous for Right.

(Who knows the canons of heaven? They are simply other than men's.)"

Dante, in Canto 20 of The Paradiso, puts Rhipeus in the Sphere of Jupiter with the just, in fact, in the Eye of the Eagle with the six most just of all time. Elevating non-Christians to heaven was a privilege Dante reserved for a very few.

Astrologically, asteroid Rhipeus seems to indicate goodness is/should be recognized no matter where it is found; "only the good die young"; "there is no why here"

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