Asteroid 7711, Ríp, was discovered on December 2, 1994 by Zdenek Moravec at Klet Observatory near Ceske Budojevice, Czech Republic. It has a period of 5 years, 138 days and is 15.81 kilometers (slightly less than 10 miles) in diameter.

It was named for Rip Mountain (or Rip Hill), a prominent, solitary hill about 1500 feet high in the central part of the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic, about 19 miles north of Prague and 16 miles southeast of Litomerice. According to legend, the first Czechs settled on this hill, which is a very significant place in Czech culture.

Rip Mountain

The meaning of asteroid Rip, though, seems to be what its name would suggest to a native English speaker:to rip (including to copy computer files such as sound files from a storage medium), ripped, dead ("RIP"), destroyed, torn up, destroyed; possibly also, a place of time-honored cultural significance.

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