Asteroid 5945 Roachapproach was discovered on September 28, 1984 by American astronomer Brian A. Skiff at the Anderson Mesa unit of Lowell Observatory near Flagstaff, Arizona, USA. It has a period of 3 years, 117 days; its diameter is uncertain, probably somewhere between 6 and 12 kilometers(about 4 1/2 to about 10 miles). Skiff named it for American musician and composer Steve Roach (born 1955), known for his "space music" and one of Skiff's favorite composers; he reportedly likes to play it nights while at the telescope, finding it inspiring. Roach's prolific output includes seminal works such as "Structures From Silence"(1984), "Dreamtime Return"(1988), and "The Magnificent Void"(1996), and film soundtracks. Characteristic of Roach's work are heavily processed electronic sounds with primitive woodwinds and percussion, conveying powerful impressions of the immensity of space. The name was suggested by music critic Linda Kohanov.

Steve Roach

However, the astrological influence asteroid Roachapproach seems at this time to have nothing to do with anything beautiful or inspiring, but with what the name suggests superficially: the reaction the average person gets when (s)he perceives the "approach of a roach," or a cockroach crawling on something, particularly something edible: disgust, loathing, hatred, embarrassment, a feeling that the area is unclean or defiled by virtue of the roach's presence, the desire to step on the roach and/or call an exterminator to eliminate the presence of roaches in the vicinity.

Asteroid Roachapproach, therefore, denotes that which is considered gross, disgusting, anathema, defilement.

5945, Roachapproach's asteroid number, reinforces this numerologically; it adds up to five, the number of change. (5 + 9 = 14, 14 + 4 = 18, 18 + 5 = 23; 2 + 3 = 5.)

Joseph McCarthy had Roachapproach out of bounds in his third house, conjunct the North Node, Pluto, Phaethon(going off the track), and Christabel(letting in something evil); opposite the South Node(natch), Wurm(being contemptible), Torricelli(in the hot seat, raising a storm), and Flora(climactic development, soft feelings or the capability thereof, or its opposite, aridity); square Saturn(reaping one's reward); trine Mercury(mind, ideas, communication), Pholus(infection, ceremony, impetuously following feelings), and Athanasia(immortality); biquintile the Sun(to shine, to lead), nonile the Moon(the public), and quincunx Ceres(nurturing) and Nabokov(guilty pleasures). McCarthy did more to harm his cause of opposition to communism through his thoroughly unethical tactics which ruined or damaged people's lives, careers and reputations and put a blot on America's history than the Soviet propaganda machine ever did in decades of effort.

Horror writer Stephen King, who takes delight in lovingly graphic and evocative literary descriptions of the utterly repulsive and horrific which have made him millions, also has Roachapproach out of bounds, in his 6th house of work, sextile Chiron, square Venus, Neptune, Lilith and Konstitutsiya, trine Ceres, Nessus, Hylonome and Wil, opposite Asbolus and Abanderada, biquintile Pluto and semisextile Damocles. He incorporates his political beliefs, heavily influenced by Watergate and other political scandals of the Seventies and Sixties, into his works, and also traumas such as his father's desertion of the family and the invasion of his home by a criminal.

Ed Gein had Roachapproach in the 4th house; its oppositions to Saturn, Chariklo, Casanova, Pavlov, Damocles, Abanderada, and Athanasia; trine to NOT; sextiles to Neptune, Tortali(named for the Melanesian spirit of daylight), Summa, and the Vertex, squares to Sassi, Partizanske, and Taguacipa(named for the ancient Peruvian god who turned good people into bad ones), conjunction to SURF, semisextile to Mercury, and quincunx to Madhatter well describes the nature of his psychosis and his horrific deeds, the clinical nature of his legend, and the utter revulsion the people of his hometown of Plainfield, Wisconsin feel toward him to this day.

Hermann Goering's legend as a prominent Nazi is well described by his Roachapproach conjunct Chiron, Juno, and Don Quixote; sextile Flammario(invidiousness); trine Hylonome; sesquiquadrate the Sun; tredecile Venus(art, luxury); square Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Descamisada(hard work, heavy losses); quincunx Walpurga(bogeymen); contraparallel Wil and Uranus, parallel Ceres, semisextile Munchhausen(big lies), and trine/sextile the North and South Lunar Nodes.

Jodie Foster's Roachapproach is intercepted in her ninth house, conjunct Juno, Flora, and Wil; sextile Mercury(the media), Pallas, Casanova(selfish, uncaring pleasure), Hammurabi(harsh judgment), and Walpurga; septile Neptune(the movies), opposite Cuitlahuac(having to be resigned to something), and sesquiquadrate Saturn. For all her accomplishments in Hollywood, she will forever be known as the actress for whom a deranged John Hinckley tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan when she was a teenager attending Yale University in 1981.

The glyph for Roachapproach is my own invention.

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