Asteroid 3819 Robinson was discovered on January 12, 1983, at Flagstaff, Arizona, by Brian A. Skiff. Robinson has a period of 4 years, 223 days. Skiff named the asteroid for Leif J. Robinson, Sky And Telescope magazine editor, artist and promoter of cooperation between amateur and professional astronomers.

Leif Robinson

However, the name of this asteroid brings to mind two immortal fictional characters: Robinson Crusoe, the protagonist of the novel of the same name by British writer Daniel Defoe, which is about a sailor who learns to survive stranded on a remote island as a result of a shipwreck; and Mrs. Robinson, a character from the classic film The Graduate, an amoral married older woman (played by Anne Bancroft) who seduces a young man just out of college (played by Dustin Hoffman) who is attracted to her daughter. (Kathleen Turner has played Mrs. Robinson on Broadway to rave reviews.)

Robinson Crusoe

"I are trying to seduce me!"

Robinson's astrological meaning seems to come more from these two fictional characters: exploitation, being taken advantage of, isolation, being lost or thrown back on one's own resources.

Sally Field, who had to prove she could be taken seriously as an actress after taking ludicrous or juvenile roles early in her career that made her a laughingstock, has Robinson sextile Venus (young and attractive, adolescence) and Mars (assertion, fighting for something); square Lilith (marginalized, underestimated); and quincunx Damocles (drastic change, transgressiveness).

Tina Turner, who fled her abusive husband Ike Turner, exposed his behavior in her autobiography, and has since become much more successful than him, has Robinson conjunct Dolon (keeping one's nerve), sextile Jupiter (success, publishing), square Nessus (victimized) and the Nodes (developing what one has), quincunx Askalaphus (exposés), and opposite Pluto (power, transformation, the exceptional).

Accused terrorist and human-rights-abuse victim José Padilla has Robinson square Asbolus (awful experiences, having trouble getting people to listen) and Askalaphus (media attention), and quincunx Chiron (the exception to the rule, something to learn or to teach). Whatever Padilla has or hasn't done, the federal government's handling of his case is, and should be regarded as, a national disgrace: as of this writing, he has been held in prison without charge or access to an attorney, for an extended period of time, which brings dishonor upon the United States.

Princess Diana, whose youth led the British royal family to regard her as tractable and who spent her entire life following her marriage to Prince Charles stalked by the media, had Robinson in the tenth house of reputation, sextile the Ascendant (personal appearance), quincunx Varuna (grandness) and opposite Hektor (being pestered).

The glyph for Robinson is mine.

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