Asteroid 44613, Rudolf, was discovered on September 8, 1999 by Petr Pravec and Peter Kušnirák at Ondrejov, Czech Republic. Rudolf has a period of 3 years, 280 days.

It was named for Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II (1552-1612), who reigned from 1576 to 1612. He moved the capital of the Holy Roman Empire to Prague from Vienna because he felt crowded and pressured there. In Prague, he collected art (including paintings by Breughel and Correggio) and exotic pets; and surrounded himself with artists, craftsmen, antiquarians, alchemists, intellectuals, and astronomers, like Johannes Kepler, who had been banished from the province of Styria by its ruler, Rudolf's cousin Archduke Ferdinand, and Tycho Brahe. Using Brahe's computations, known as the "Rudolphine Tables", Kepler developed his theory of the elliptical movements of the planets. Rudolf II was a mentally unstable man who was eventually pushed aside and his brother Matthias made regent, but his reign showered glory upon Prague, whose people mourned him greatly when he died.

Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II

Rudolf (also spelled Rudolph) is a German male name that has long been popular. However, most Americans would be likely to associate the name with a fantasy reindeer with a brightly glowing red nose associated with Santa Claus who is the hero of the Christmas song "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer," written in 1949 by American songwriter Johnny Marks and first recorded by western movie star/singer Gene Autry, who introduced the song in September of that year at a New York concert. The character was first created in 1939 for an ad pamphlet written for the now-defunct Chicago-based department-store chain Montgomery Ward, by copywriter Robert L. May (Marks' brother-in-law) and commercial artist Gillian Denver.


Astrologically, asteroid Rudolf seems to indicate coming from behind, "the last shall be first," overcoming disadvantage..

Guadalupe Quintanilla is a Mexican-born Texas college professor who dropped out of school in Brownsville just after World War II after her limited English made her fall behind, and was written off as retarded; she later managed to get back into school, needing to become proficient in English so she could help her children, who were also falling behind in school, with their homework. Quintanilla has Rudolf semisextile Mars (energy, assertion) and sextile Ceres (nurturance, family).

Actor David Rappaport was a dwarf who insisted on taking roles that treated his stature as incidental to the character he was playing (i.e., a successful attorney or toymaker who just happened to be a dwarf and was not played for laughs). Rappaport had Rudolf undecimal Uranus (unconventional, rejecting, rebelling), sextile Ceres and Ixion (creating karma), and square Nessus (poisoned by one's own psychological toxins). He achieved a moderate level of success in Hollywood, and ended up committing suicide.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a former champion bodybuilder who rose to the top of Hollywood without changing his surname or losing his Austrian accent, married into the Kennedy family without changing his political affiliation, and then became California governor, has Rudolf in the eleventh house, conjunct Mars, semisextile the Ascendant (personal appearance, physical body) and square Damocles (pushing the envelope, politics).

Charles Atlas (born October 30, 1893 in Acri, Italy), who transformed himself from the proverbial "99-pound weakling" to a champion bodybuilder when he got tired of being bullied and then endeavored to introduce others to the value of building a robust physique, had Rudolf semisextile Heracles, sextile Mercury (ideas, commerce), trine Jupiter and opposite Quaoar (compelled to do something).

Comedian and actor Dudley Moore, who was born into a working-class background with a deformed foot and tended to play lovable and wistful characters, had Rudolf in the fifth house, on the sixth cusp, conjunct Juno (public persona), decile Mercury and square Pallas (conceptualization).

Martin Luther King, Jr. had Rudolf in the second house, square Cruithne (race, country, heritage, a mark, a brand) and trine Quaoar (compelled to do something, starting something, under scrutiny) and Bienor (acting to nurture, condemnation).

The glyph for Rudolf, meant to suggest Rudolph the reindeer's red nose, is mine.

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