Asteroid 29837 Savage was discovered on March 21, 1999 at Prescott, Arizona by Paul G. Comba. It has a period of 5 years, 75 days.

Comba named it for American statistician Leonard Jimmie Savage (1917-1971). Leonard Savage "wrote important papers on the foundations of statistics, probability theory and philosophy. He was a proponent of the Bayesian approach and developed a comprehensive theory of subjective probability and utility. (MPC 45344)

Astrologically, Savage seems to mean what its name suggests: savagery, savages, to savage, savageness.

Adolf Hitler, who put a huge stain on the history of Germany, of Europe and of the world, had Savage in the tenth house, conjunct Ixion, undecimal the Part of Fortune, semisquare Uranus, sextile Pluto, square the Sun and opposite Varuna.

Madalyn Murray O'Hair, who was on the receiving end of an enormous amount of hate from "people of faith" who felt threatened by her atheist activism and who was murdered for her money along with two members of her family, had Savage in the twelfth house, conjunct Venus, undecimal the Sun, and square Saturn and Chaos.

Serial killer Richard Ramirez, a self-described satanist whose crimes were noted for their brutality, has Savage prominent too— on the IC on the third-house side; also conjunct Chaos, sextile Mars and Ceres, square Jupiter, and trine the Vertex as well as opposite the Midheaven.

Jeffrey Dahmer had Savage in the seventh house, semisextile Mercury, trine Jupiter, Pluto and the Part of Fortune, and opposite Neptune.

WWF wrestlers.

Yasser Arafat has Savage in the twelfth house, semisextile the Moon, undecimal Venus, square Ixion, trine Mercury and opposite Saturn. The progress he and the Palestinian people have made toward liberation has come at a terrible cost.

His nemesis Ariel Sharon has Savage in the eleventh house of politics, conjunct Ceres, nonile the Midheaven, sextile Saturn and the Ascendant and trine the North Node. The action he has taken against the Palestinian in the name of Israeli national security has likewise brought dishonor to his nation in the eyes of many throughout the world.

The glyph for Savage is mine.

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