Shui Tiao Ko Tou


Su Tung-Po

Will a moon so bright ever arise again?

Drink a cupful of wine and ask of the sky.

I don't know where the palace gate of heaven is,

Or even the year in which tonight slips by.

I want to return riding the whirlwind! But I

Feel afraid that this heaven of jasper and jade

Lets in the cold, its palaces rear so high.

I shall get up and dance with my own shadow.

From life endured among men how far a cry!

Round the red pavilion

Slanting through the lattices

Onto every wakeful eye,

Moon, why should you bear a grudge, O why

Insist in time of separation so to fill the sky?

Men know joy and sorrow, parting and reunion;

The moon lacks lustre, brightly shines; is all, is less.

Perfection was never easily come by.

Though miles apart, could men but live forever

Dreaming they shared this moonlight endlessly!

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