Asteroid 5710, Silentium, was discovered on October 18, 1977 by Paul Wild at Zimmerwald, Switzerland. Silentium has a period of 3 years, 77 days.

It was named for silence (silentium in Latin).

Writer, philosopher and former Trappist monk Thomas Merton (born January 31, 1915, at 9 a.m. in Prades, France) had Silentium in the seventh house, sextile the Midheaven, trine Mercury (writings), Jupiter (philosophy), Neptune (spirituality) and Pluto, and sesquiquadrate Ceres (nurture).

British land agent Charles Cunningham Boycott (born March 12, 1832, in Burgh Saint Peter, Norfolk, England) managed to originate the term "boycott" in the 19th century after the impoverished Irish tenant farmers he had been hired to collect rent from for their landlord the Earl of Earne agreed among themselves to have nothing to do with him. Charles Boycott had Silentium semisextile Neptune (frustrated, baffled, stymied), semisquare the South Node (past experiences, the path of least resistance, separations), quintile Jupiter (what one gets), trine Asbolus (bad experiences) and Phaethon (a phenomenon, out of control), and sesquiquadrate the North Node (connections made).

George W. Bush, whose secretiveness is notorious, has Silentium in the twelfth house, sextile Phaethon (in the driver's seat) and square Hylonome (the voice of the people).

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il (born February 16, 1942 in Khabarovsk, Russia), who leads one of the world's most reclusive countries, has Silentium semisextile Pallas (politics), sextile Nessus (predatory) and square Elatus (self-justifying, eloquent expression).

Masters golf club president William "Hootie" Johnson (born February 16, 1931, in Augusta, Georgia), who overreacted to a women's rights organization's request for his club to open its membership to women and attempted to squelch their protests, has Silentium sextile Vesta (dedication).

Burmese patriot Aung San Suu Kyi (born June 19, 1945 in Rangoon, Myanmar), whom the Myanmar dictatorship has tried unsuccessfully to silence down through the years, has Silentium semisextile Chaos (activism) and Heracles (to struggle with) and square Pholus (courage before power, dictatorship).

Sandra Tsing Loh (born February 11, 1962 in Muskogee, Oklahoma), who sued after she was fired from a Los Angeles radio station for using the "F-word" on the air, has Silentium conjunct Ceres (letting go) and Varuna (inflated, judgment, judgmental) and square Jupiter (the law) and the Nodes (past experiences and moving past them, making connections).

The glyph for Silentium is mine.

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