Asteroid 2146 Stentor, a Trojan asteroid associated with Jupiter, was discovered on October 24, 1976 at European Southern Observatory in Chile by Richard M. West. Stentor has a period of 11 years, 314 days. It was named for a character in the Iliad, a Greek warrior noted for his loud voice.

Astrologically, asteroid Stentor signifies speaking with a loud voice, resonance, high volume, commanding attention, noise.

Ronald "Bon" Scott, the late frontman for the veteran Australian heavy-metal band AC/DC; Margaret Thatcher; and Oprah Winfrey all have or had Stentor prominent. Scott had Stentor on the Midheaven in his tenth house; Thatcher has Stentor on her IC in the fourth house, out of bounds; and Winfrey has Stentor conjunct her Pluto. Dan Rather has Stentor conjunct his North Node.

The glyph for Stentor, recalling a megaphone, is my own conception.

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