Asteroid 8373 Stephengould was discovered on January 1,1992, by Carolyn S. Shoemaker and Eugene M. Shoemaker at Palomar Observatory near Pauma Valley, California. It has a period of 5 years, 347 days.

Stephengould was named for paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould(1941-2002), who was a vigorous proponent of the theory of evolution; he argued that the complexity of the universe did not necessarily imply the existence of a Supreme Being.

Stephen Jay Gould

Astrologically, Stephengould signifies science and technology, humanism, atheism or agnosticism, and attitudes about these things; the scientific viewpoint, hardheadedness, doubt, skepticism, denial, disdain for(or reverence for)sacred cows and traditions; "it ain't necessarily so."

The Caltech campus in Pasadena, California.

Some people with Stephengould prominent are: Alexander Graham Bell, teacher of the deaf and inventor of the telephone(Stephengould in the first house conjunct Mercury, and also Chariklo, Heracles, and the East Point); Martina Navratilova, Czech-born American pro tennis player and well-known lesbian who defected from her homeland when Czechoslovakia was under Communist rule(Stephengould in the seventh house conjunct Neptune, and also Stentor and Tara); Betty Ford, a former First Lady well-known for her refreshing candor and disdain for protocol(Stephengould in the seventh house on the Descendant and conjunct the Moon, together with Varuna and Heracles); freethinking writer and rational humanist philosopher Ayn Rand(Stephengould conjunct the Sun, along with Ceres, Chiron, Hidalgo, McAuliffe, and Demokritos); and prominent American atheist Madalyn O'Hair(Stephengould in the eleventh house conjunct Mercury, along with Heracles, Pinocchio, and Harris).

Madalyn Murray O'Hair, who stood up for our right as Americans not to believe in a god.

Bell also had Stephengould semisextile Pluto; quintile Juno and Pholus; square Hylonome and Hidalgo; quincunx Chiron, opposite the Moon and the Vertex. He was an early pioneer in using modulated light as a transmission medium for audio messages, one hundred years before the invention of fiberoptics; his wife and mother were both deaf. Navratilova, who does not hesitate to question authority, has Stephengould sextile Pluto; square Uranus, Chiron, the East Point, Pholus and Damocles; and quincunx Chaos and Lilith. Betty Ford also has Stephengould semisextile Damocles; decile the Sun and the Vertex; sextile Vesta; square Jupiter; quincunx Hebe and Stentor; quindecile the East Point; and opposite Mars and Ixion.

Mules have a reputation for being unreasonably stubborn, but some say they are actually smart and hardheaded.

Rand, who was born into Judaism, also had Stephengould semisextile Chariklo and Pinocchio; sextile Phaethon; square Mars, Pandora, and Hatshepsut; trine Vesta, Hylonome, Lacrimosa, Hygeia, Hektor and Epimetheus. O'Hair was an unpleasant personality who ran the American Atheism Association with an iron hand, demanded absolute loyalty and agreement, isolated herself and was murdered for her money in 1996, along with her son and granddaughter. She had Stephengould sextile Damocles, the Midheaven, Symmetria and Melancholia; trine Pholus, Don Quixote, Tara, Ramirez, Hybris, Hektor, and Volta; and opposite Lilith and Asbolus.

Julius "Groucho" Marx, a legendary comedian who was known to have no patience for reports of paranormal phenomena.

Albert Einstein had Stephengould in the sixth house, sextile Jupiter, Pholus and Iris; square Mercury, Saturn, Chariklo, Heracles, and Hidalgo; trine Uranus, Juno, and the Black Moon; and opposite Tara(smoothly flowing). Alexander Fleming, discoverer of antibiotics, had Stephengould in the eighth house, cusping the ninth, conjunct Damocles; square Saturn, Neptune, Vesta, Juno, and Hebe; trine Chariklo, Hidalgo, Symmetria, and Tara; quincunx Asbolus; and opposite the Sun.

Malcolm X Shabazz, who learned to judge people not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

The glyph for Stephengould is my own conception.

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