Asteroid 566, Stereoskopia, was discovered on May 28, 1905 by Paul Götz at Heidelberg, Germany. It has a period of 6 years, 93 days, and is slightly over 125 miles in diameter.

This asteroid's name was inspired by German scientist Carl Pulfrich's stereo-comparator, by which Götz discovered an asteroid which had previously been overlooked on older photographic plates. It was the first planet discovered by the method and was later identified as Stereoskopia, which Pulfrich named.

A man at a stereocomparator.

Astrologically, Stereoskopia seems to indicate the need or ability to see other people, groups or things three-dimensionally, that is, realistically and not as a cartoon figure, without prejudice.

Malcolm X, who went through anti-white bigotry to acceptance of all races through his Islamic faith, had Stereoskopia sextile Vesta (dedication), square Ceres (nurturance) and trine Pluto (reinvention, transformation, getting rid of garbage).

Harry S Truman, who came to the presidency with all the prejudices of his late-19th-and-early-20th-century rural Missouri upbringing but who ended up ending racial segregation in the US armed forces, had Stereoskopia semisquare Saturn (career, work, rewards and consequences) and sextile Uranus (breaking loose, activism).

Bill Clinton, a broadminded man demonized by his political enemies, has Stereoskopia in the eleventh house of politics, sextile Chiron (the door-opener, need to pay attention) and the North Node (to rise above the past, to give out), square the Moon (the public), and trine the Vertex (significant relationships) and South Node (past conditioning, to take in).

Princess Diana allowed herself to be photographed holding an AIDS-infected baby at a time when ignorance, hate and fear about AIDS reigned universally, and there are unsubstantiated rumors that the royal family had her and her Egyptian-born boyfriend Dodi al-Fayed murdered following her divorce from Prince Charles to prevent her from marrying a Muslim. Diana had Stereoskopia in the twelfth house, on the cusp, sextile Jupiter (generosity, philosophy), trine the Vertex and the Part of Fortune (development of the life, prosperity), biquintile the Sun (to shine), and quincunx Mercury (speaking, writing, the media).

Marilyn Vos Savant has expressed prejudice against Islam in her column, saying that profiling of Muslims as potential security threats to the US is justified. She has Stereoskopia semisquare Mars (aggression, defense).

Anti-gay agitator Fred Phelps has Stereoskopia conjunct the Sun and trine Pluto (self-damage, persecution, deep-seated problems).

The glyph for Stereoskopia is mine.

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