Asteroid 16017, Street, was discovered on February 12, 1999 by the Lincoln NEA Research Team at Socorro, New Mexico. It has a period of 4 years, 79 days.

Street was named for Livonia, Michigan high school student Ethan James Street (born 1985), who was a finalist in the 2003 Intel Science Talent Search, a science competition for high school students, for his math project.

Ethan Street

Astrologically, asteroid Street seems to relate to the street, or "being out on the street" (fired)

Tupac Shakur (born June 16, 1971, in New York) had Street square Venus (art, singing).

Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott (born July 1, 1971 in Portsmouth, Virginia) has Street sextile Pallas (conceptualization), trine the Sun (to shine) and quincunx Uranus (rebellion).

Pink (real name, Alecia Moore; born September 8, 1979, in Doylestown, Pennsylvania) has Street semisquare Uranus and Pallas and opposite Juno (the performing arts).

Eminem (Marshall Mathers III, born October 17, 1972 in Kansas City, Missouri) has Street conjunct Saturn (work, career, rewards and consequences, poverty) and Vesta (dedication), trine Uranus and quindecile Jupiter (prosperity).

Skateboarding star Tony Hawk (born May 12, 1968 in San Diego) has Street semisquare Chiron (the teacher, the door-opener, need to pay attention).

Lee Iacocca was famously fired from Ford amid anti-Italian racist remarks before joining Chrysler in the late 1970s; trashed his former boss Henry Ford II in a blunt autobiography, accusing him of poor business sense and being a spoiled brat, a snob, a tyrant and a racist; and was instrumental in developing the Ford Mustang back in the 1960s. Iacocca has Street in the ninth house of philosophy and publishing, semisquare Juno (historically disadvantaged), sextile Sun, Vesta, and South Node (past experiences), trine Neptune (scandal, disillusionment), Chiron and the North Node (moving beyond past experiences), and sesquiquadrate Ceres (nurture).

Former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders (born August 13, 1933 in Schaal, Arkansas) was bounced from her job by President Bill Clinton for advocating the teaching of masturbation as part of the sex education curriculum in schools. She has Street conjunct Damocles (drastic change, pushing the envelope, experience of groupthink, politics, transgressive), sextile Ceres, trine Mars (direct action, sex), quincunx Venus, opposite the Sun and Pandora (stirring things up, making a splash, having an impact, inappropriate behavior), and parallel Pholus (courage before power, need to show respect).

Former California governor Gray Davis (born December 26, 1942, in New York), who was bounced from his job in the state's first-ever gubernatorial recall election, has Street conjunct Varuna (huge, judgment, judgmental), semisextile Chaos, sextile Asbolus (bad experience, counsel given but not necessarily taken), square Mercury (speaking, ideas) and Pholus, tredecile Venus, trine Hidalgo (to assert, to promote, to defend), and opposite Chariklo (glamorization, need to keep perspective or step back and think).

The glyph for Street is mine.

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