Asteroid 8690 Swindle was discovered September 24, 1992 by the Spacewatch group at Kitt Peak Observatory near Sells, Arizona. It has a period of 3 years, 253 days. It was named for meteorite expert Timothy D. Swindle (born 1955).

Astrologically, asteroid Swindle seems to mean what its name suggests: to swindle.

Con artist turned white-collar-crime consultant Frank Abagnale has Jupiter square Swindle.

Legendary high-flying Texas con artist Billie Sol Estes has Uranus square Swindle. He has been characterized as "not a bad guy, as long as you don't go into business with him."

Teenage baseball player Danny Almonte (born April 7, 1987, in Moca, Dominican Republic), whose parents forged his birth certificate to get him onto a New York City Little League team when he was too old to qualify for membership, has Swindle sesquiquadrate Chiron (a maverick) and quincunx Mars (athletics).

Kenneth Lay of Enron infamy has Swindle conjunct Chiron (ingenuity), semisquare Mars (energy), and quincunx Venus (luxury, money, values, indignation).

The glyph for Swindle is mine.

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