Asteroid 9669 Symmetria was discovered on July 8, 1997, by Paul G. Comba at Prescott, Arizona. It has a period of 5 years, 274 days.

The word symmetry comes from the Greek words syn(with, together with) and metron(measurement). It means balanced proportions, or beauty of form arising from balanced proportions.

Astrologically, Symmetria indicates symmetry; justice; passion for beauty; need for neatness, tidiness, order, organization, fairness, justice or control; a good fit; aptness; appropriateness.

Nelson Mandela

19th-century feminist and birth-control activist Marie Stopes, fashion designer Christian Dior, actress/singer/director Barbra Streisand, and actress Alicia Silverstone all have or had Symmetria prominent. Stopes had it conjunct her Mars(and Ceres); Dior had it conjunct his Sun(and Chiron and Ceres); Streisand has it conjunct her Jupiter(and Persephone); and Silverstone has Symmetria on her Descendant, conjunct her Saturn.

It's her turn now.

Dior's solar conjunction with Symmetria is what Costa Rican astrologer Juan Antonio Revilla would call an incarnation of Symmetria; conjunctions of the Sun with asteroids show their natures clearly. Dior was not only an eminent fashion designer, but a man who needed to be in control as well, which is what all he has in common with Silverstone and Streisand, both of whom have been called "control freaks", and Stopes, who demanded that women be treated equally with men. Stopes also had Symmetria trine the Midheaven and Pholus, sextile Pandora and Persephone, and semisextile the Ascendant. Alicia Silverstone has Symmetria sextile the Sun, Pluto and Varuna, square Venus and the Black Moon; and trine Neptune: she became famous and successful at a very young age, becoming very well known for her role in Clueless, a movie based on Jane Austen's Emma, whose protagonist involves herself in the lives of those around her. Barbra Streisand, who helped break ground for women in behind-the-camera roles in Hollywood, has Symmetria sextile Hylonome and Varuna, square Venus, trine Pallas, and opposite Hidalgo.

The glyph for Symmetria is my own conception.

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