Asteroid 3325 TARDIS was discovered on May 3, 1984, by Brian A. Skiff at the Anderson Mesa unit of Lowell Observatory near Flagstaff, Arizona. It has a period of 5 years, 249 days and a diameter of about 22 1/8 miles. Skiff named it for "the science-fiction television series Time And Relative Dimensions In Space," according to my source. I think this means the British sci-fi series Doctor Who, whose hero zipped through time and space in a rather retro-looking but highly durable and quite useful vehicle called TARDIS.

TARDIS from Doctor Who.

However, TARDIS seems to get much, if not all, of its astrological meaning from what its name might suggest to some: tardiness, being held back, coming belatedly, being slow to understand for some reason, being encumbered by something, having a sensory or intellectual impairment.

Ku Klux Klan members — about as bright and nowhere near as innocent.

Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone and educator of the deaf, who was married to a deaf woman and had a deaf mother, had TARDIS conjunct the Vertex(ideal relationships), sextile Asbolus(giving advice), square the MC(reputation) and Hidalgo(assertion, promotion, defense), tredecile Mars(mechanical things, anger) and Jupiter(prosperity, generosity), quincunx Flora(the flower of something), quindecile Sun(to shine) and Uranus(technology, especially electrical devices), parallel Madhatter and Thule(too good for something), and contraparallel Abanderada(to raise a banner), Taguacipa(having someone turn against you), and Thalia(life is great).

Driving an ox-drawn cart in Cambodia — which still has some catching up to do technologically.

Prisoners on a chain gang.

Harvey Milk had TARDIS in the third house, conjunct Chiron(learning, teaching, finding one's way, a maverick, a door-opener) and Veteraniya(going through a lot); semisextile Antenor(being seen as a subversive influence), Athanasia(immortal name), and Sophia(rejected ideas); undecimal Hephaistos(relationships unusual in some way); decile Jupiter(politics), nonile Venus(values), septile Ceres(nurturance), square Stentor(speaking very loud and clear); parallel Antigone(standing up for who one is), Bosque Alegre(cutting loose, letting go), Descartes(using one's head), Persephone(transitions) and Tithonus(not being able to function in some way); and contraparallel Glo(celebrity) and SURF(shallow or imperfect understanding).

Albert Einstein had TARDIS in the eleventh house, conjunct the Black Moon; semisextile Hidalgo(ambition, self-promotion), Maritima(voyages across oceans), Sassi(defiant) and Ariadne(betrayal); sextile Jupiter(philosophy, academia, long-distance travel, religion) and Pholus(having oneself fit right in, ceremony, due honor); quintile Vesta(dedication); square Mars(militarism); quincunx the Vertex(ideal or fated relationships), Nabokov(tainted pleasure) and NOT(emphatic denial); opposite Yeti(unusual beliefs); parallel Christabel(letting in something evil), SURF, and Walpurga(something terrifying); and contraparallel BAM(bombs), Industria(industrious, busy), Requiem(kissing something goodbye), and Thule(bigotry). Considered strange and slow as a child, Einstein's name eventually became synonymous with brilliance, yet he was notoriously absentminded. He happened to be in California when Hitler came to power in his native Germany and never returned to it(he was Jewish). He urged President Franklin Roosevelt in a letter to develop the atomic bomb and lived to regret it.

Ross Perot, who rose from Depression-era poverty in east Texas to become a legendary billionaire businessman and dabbler in politics who changed the course of US history with his 1992 independent presidential campaign, has TARDIS in the eleventh house also, conjunct Wil(determination), semisextile Tantalus(to tantalize) and NOT(rejection); undecimal Flood(having a lot to do), Achilles(fatal flaws), and Aquilegia(to consider oneself victimized); decile the Sun(to shine); sextile BAM; quintile Venus(values); square House(home life) and Odysseus(cunning); quincunx Thule(disdain for something); parallel Lilith(on the margins), Abanderada(to raise a banner), Nietzsche(the exceptional), Persephone(transitions) and Industria(industry, business); and contraparallel Descamisada(hard work).

Camilla Parker-Bowles has TARDIS in the eleventh house as well, semisextile Krok(lies exploded); decile the Moon(the public) and Venus(love); semisquare Mercury(the media) and the Part of Fortune; biundecimal Saturn; trine Astraea(unable to let go) and Child; quincunx Taguacipa(sudden unpopularity); quintundecimal Jupiter(high society, religion); quindecile the Vertex(ideal relationships); and parallel Aquilegia(being seen as an ogre), Proserpina(unable to deal with separation), Yeti(strange ideas), McAuliffe(associates who prove to be liabilities) and Valentine(close partnership).

The glyph for TARDIS suggesting someone with a ball and chain attached his ankle is my own invention.

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