The New Age


Stevie Smith

Shall I tell you the signs of a New Age coming?

It is a sound of drubbing and sobbing

Of people crying. We are old, we are old

And the sun is going down and becoming cold

Oh sinful and sad and the last of our kind

If we turn to God now do you think he will mind?

Then they fall on their knees and begin to whine

That the state of Art itself presages decline

As if Art has anything or ever had

To do with civilization whether good or bad.

Art is wild as a cat and quite separate from civilization

But that is another matter that is not now under consideration.

Oh these people are fools with their sighing and sinning

Why should Man be at an end? he is hardly beginning.

This New Age will slip in under cover of their cries

And be upon them before they have opened their eyes.

Well, say geologic time is a one-foot rule

Then man's only been here half an inch to play the fool

Or be wise if he likes, as he often has been

Oh heavens how these crying people spoil the beautiful geologic scene.


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