Asteroid 17768, Tigerlily, was discovered March 3, 1998, at the Oohira unit of Nihondaira Observatory near Shimizu, Shizuoka, Japan by Takeshi Urata. It has a period of 5 years, 66 days.

Tigerlily was named for The Tiger-lily, a character in Lewis Carroll's Through The Looking Glass. The Tiger-lily was a feisty flower in a flower bed who dominated the other flowers (or tried to) and told Alice that flowers usually did not talk because the beds they were in were too soft.

Alice talking to the Tiger-lily in Through The Looking Glass.

A real tiger lily.

Astrologically, Tigerlily seems to indicate bossiness, domineering, attempts to control, need to work hard and not just "kick back," tigers, lions and other big cats.

Martha Stewart has Tigerlily in the eleventh house, on the cusp, conjunct Vesta (dedication) and the North Node (need to move beyond past influences), sextile Mercury (speaking, ideas) and Pallas, square the Moon (the public, domesticity) and Ceres (to nurture, home environment), quincunx Heracles (to struggle with, injured by hubris arising from one's own power), opposite the South Node (past influences, and parallel Mars (energetic, aggressive).

Singer, actor and director Barbra Streisand, a prominent Hollywood liberal with a reputation for not being an easygoing boss, has Tigerlily in the eighth house, sextile Neptune (music, motion pictures) and opposite Saturn and Uranus (liberalism).

Former Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott (born August 18, 1928, in Cincinnati), whose controversial, sometimes racist public statements and demanding, arrogant behavior led Major League Baseball to slap her down hard, had Tigerlily conjunct Asbolus and Varuna (judgment), semisquare Damocles, sextile Pallas (politics), square Chariklo (glamorization, need to keep perspective and think about what one is doing), and opposite Juno (what one needs to do to maintain power) and Elatus (eloquent expression).

George W. Bush has Tigerlily in the second house, semisquare Jupiter (religion, the law, philosophy, foreign countries), trine Pallas and quincunx Vesta (dedication).

John Ashcroft (born May 9, 1942, in Chicago) has Tigerlily sextile Lilith (marginalized, reluctantly dealt with) and square Pallas (politics).

L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, had Tigerlily in the twelfth house, square Asbolus (advice given but not necessarily taken).

Ross Perot has Tigerlily in the second house, decile Jupiter, sextile Elatus and quincunx Chaos (to rearrange or reform).

Bill Gates has Tigerlily in the first house, on the Ascendant, conjunct Pandora (stirring things up, having an impact) as well as the Ascendant, sextile Don Quixote (to take on something), Nessus (grasping, predatory or seen as such), Elatus (well-expressed) and Hylonome (the cry of the people), square Ixion (inventive, lust for life, creating karma), trine Venus (values), and opposite Ceres.

Donald Trump has Tigerlily in the twelfth house, on the Ascendant, conjunct it and Mars (energy, aggression), sextile Asbolus (advice to give), trine Varuna (grown big), quincunx Vesta and quindecile Ceres.

Big cat trainer and veteran Las Vegas performer Siegfried Fischbacher (of Siegfried and Roy; born June 13, 1939 at 7:20 a.m. CET in Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany) has Tigerlily in the tenth house of career and reputation, conjunct the South Node, sextile Chiron (uniqueness, teaching, need to pay attention), trine Chariklo (glamor), and opposite the North Node.

Fischbacher's partner Roy Horn (born October 3, 1944 at 11:57 p.m. CEST in Nordenham, Niedersachsen, Germany), who on his 59th birthday in 2003 was almost fatally mauled during a performance by a white tiger, has Tigerlily in the tenth house, semisquare Juno (the performing arts), square Cruithne (marked), trine Jupiter and Lilith (having to deal with something unpleasant), biquintile the Sun (to shine) and contraparallel Mars (violence).

Veteran Hollywood exotic-animal trainer Ralph Helfer (born April 9, 1931 in Chicago), who has worked with big cats also, has Tigerlily conjunct Ceres and square Pallas (conceptualization).

The glyph for Tigerlily is mine.

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