To Astraois


Mark Andrew Holmes

Hail, great Astraios, father of the stars and planets of heaven;

And of the constellations, harbingers of the Winds;

And sire of the Winds are you, father are you to icy, devouring Boreas,

Brightening Zephyrus, rainy Notus, darkling Eurus;

And you are father to starry Astraea, Lady of Justice, also,

She who withdrew to the heavens because she could no longer abide the injustice on earth;

And you are father to Hesperus of the evening and Phosphoros the light-bringer,

glad herald of the morning.

You taught humanity the art of astrology

By which the nature and destiny of people, nations and phenomena might be read.

Hail, starry Astraios, lord of the sky, the wind and stars!

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