To Hyperion


Mark Andrew Holmes

Hail, Hyperion, Watcher of the East,

Great progenitor of all the lights of heaven,

Eos who is rosy ever-youthful Dawn,

Helios the hot resplendent Sun,

Selene the coolly shining Moon;

Observer, Watcher From Above, lord of light and vision,

You measure out the cycles of Sun and Moon,

Of Day and Night and Dawn,

The order of days and months.

You uphold the burden of the cosmos

With your brothers Iapetos, Krios and Koios.

You assisted in the overthrow of your father Ouranos at the behest of your mother Gaia,

Seizing and holding him down with your brothers

As Kronos castrated him with his sharp scythe.

Glory to you, Hyperion, Watcher of the East, father of light.

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