To Iapetos


Mark Andrew Holmes

Hail, Iapetos, Watcher of the West,

The Piercer, Lord of Mortality, ancestor of all humanity;

You uphold the burden of the cosmos

With your brothers Hyperion, Krios and Koios.

You assisted in the overthrow of your father Ouranos at the behest of your mother Gaia,

Seizing and holding him down with your brothers

As Kronos castrated him with his sharp scythe.

You sired Prometheus, the wise benefactor of humanity,

And Epimetheus, creator of the animals, husband of Pandora,

And also rash, insolent and self-destructive Menoetius, the chthonic herder,

And Atlas, condemned to bear the sky upon his brawny shoulders.

To all that is mortal you assign their proper life-span, O Wounder,

Which they strive to redeem through the attainment of glory.

To you belongs craft and skill, violence and daring,

Yours is ingenuity and brashness,

You, the progenitor of all humanity.

Glory to you, Iapetus, Watcher of the West, Piercer, Lord of all mortal things.

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