To Koios


Mark Andrew Holmes

Hail, Koios, Watcher of the North,

Guardian of the World Axis,

Of the Pole of Heaven,

Around which the world turns,

Upholder of the cosmos

With your brothers Hyperion, Iapetos and Krios.

You are the god of heavenly oracles;

Your very name means "query".

You aided in the overthrow of your father Ouranos,

Seizing and holding him down with your brothers

As Kronos castrated him with his sharp sickle.

You are the father of modest Leto, goddess of motherhood,

And of starry Asteria, granter of nocturnal wisdom.

Although you were supplanted by your grandson Apollon,

Still your knowledge and your presence abides.

Koios of the Northern Pole, grant us your wisdom,

Maintain for us your tireless support.

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