To Krios


Mark Andrew Holmes

Hail, Krios, Watcher of the South,

The Ram, whose spirit commences each new year;

You hold up the cosmos

With your brothers Hyperion, Iapetos and Koios.

Great Lord, you are the father of springtime and of the stars,

Of battle, warcraft, and destruction;

You are the grandsire of the racing Winds, of the shining Moon,

Of raw power, brute force, dread magic, rivalry, and glorious victory.

Yours is the primordial power and force of the beast.

You assisted in the overthrow of your father Ouranos at the behest of your mother Gaia,

Seizing and holding him down with your brothers

As Kronos castrated him with his sharp sickle.

Curly-horned one, You have dominion over the constellations;

They rise and fall at your inexorable command.

You order and measure the years and the seasons.

Glory to you, Krios, The Ram, Watcher of the South.

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