2687 Tortali was discovered on April 18, 1982, by Mark Watt at the Anderson Mesa unit of Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. It has a period of not quite 4 years even(3 years, 364 days) and is about 8.9 miles in diameter. Watt named it for a figure in the mythology of the western South Pacific nation of Vanuatu who represents the sun and daylight; he is the rival of Ul, the spirit of night and the moon.

Astrologically, Tortali represents coming to light, dragged out into the light, being opened, being open, being outed, absence of secrecy, sunlight as a disinfectant(to paraphrase the late US Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis).

The Greek Cynic philosopher Diogenes is famous for going around with a lighted lantern in broad daylight, searching for an honest person.

Trailblazing journalist Barbara Walters has Tortali in the twelfth house, conjunct Don Quixote(taking on the powerful); semisextile Terpsichore(agility), Odysseus(wiliness), Stentor(speaking with a loud voice) and Rousseau(adopting a more natural way of life); undecimal Mars(assertion) and Hebe(service to others), sextile Pluto(the masses, transformation, power), biundecimal Juno(the powerless), quincunx Abanderada(raising a banner, establishing a standard); quadnonagon Uranus(broadcasing, liberation), quindecile Pallas(acting in defense of civilization), and parallel Munchhausen(a legend) and House(home life).

Oprah Winfrey, who has struggled with overweight throughout her life and who seeks to uplift and inspire through her talk shows(unlike some of her colleagues, who specialize in what amounts to freak shows), has Tortali in the second house, semisextile Hidalgo(to promote) and Bandersnatch(unslain monsters); tredecile Mercury(speech, writing) and Part of Fortune(development); square the Vertex(ideal relationships); trine Krok(exploded lies) and Panacea(problem-solving); sesquiquadrate Jupiter(prosperity, expansion, overweight); quincunx Flood(to be very busy) and Tantalus(frustration); parallel Antenor(to be seen as subversive); and contraparallel BAM(explosiveness), Child, Daedalus(cleverness, design), and Requiem.

Aaron Spelling, a fairly successful actor turned fabulously successful and highly influential TV producer whose shows combine glitz and glamor with tough issues, has Tortali in the eighth house, semisextile Ceres(family, nurturance), Marathon(staying power), and Proserpina(bringing about transitions); sextile Casanova(selfish pleasure); square Terpsichore; tredecile Juno(relating, feminine charm); trine Pluto and Flood; biquintile Saturn(hard work, career, rewards); quincunx Robinhood(taking from the rich and giving to the poor, i.e., presenting a glamorous lifestyle to the masses); parallel Bosque Alegre(doing what one likes best), Glo(celebrity), and Torricelli(raising the storm); and contraparallel Neptune(motion pictures), Pallas(creativity), BAM(explosiveness), Melpomene(presenting tragedy), and Wil(determination).

O.J. Simpson, whose legal problems in 1994-96 riveted the world and cost him his reputation and his career, has Tortali in the eighth house also, semisextile Rocknroll(having a great time); decile Nessus(the predator, jealousy, coveting and greed); sextile Mars(violence, the police) and Marathon(something that never ends); trine Daedalus(the artful dodger); quincunx Antenor and Veteraniya(having been through a lot); opposite Cuitlahuac(coming to the end of the line); and contraparallel Lilith(having to resign oneself to something, repressed rage erupting, pushed out to the edges), Bandersnatch, Circe(help, a love-hate relationship, female cynicism about men), Huntress(being hounded), Nyctimene(to beat the rap), and Volta(something electrifying).

The glyph for Tortali is my own invention.

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