Asteroid 306 Unitas was discovered on March 1, 1891 in Rome, Italy, by E. Millosevich. It has a period of 3 years, 227 days and is slightly less than 35 miles in diameter. It was named for the unity (unitas in Latin) of Italy, and for 19th-century Italian astronomer and Jesuit Angelo Secchi, known as "the father of astrophysics."

Father Angelo Secchi, S.J.

There was no nation called Italy until 1871. There was only a people speaking the same language and sharing the same culture, divided politically into numerous foreign territories and warring city-states. Eventually, though, this fragmented territory had to pull together.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Johnny Unitas was noted for his aggressive, stoic playing style; he would frequently get hurt—this goes with the territory in football(or American football as non-Americans sometimes call it)—but he had no time for the pain.

Johnny Unitas

Astrologically, asteroid Unitas indicates pulling together, bonding, uniting, straightening out, being a team player(or not), getting with the program(or not), getting hurt while engaged in some activity, daring, aggression, stoicism, self-sacrifice.

Horses keep their own house, so to speak.

Daredevil Evel Knievel has Unitas in the eighth house, intercepted, conjunct the Sun and Mercury, and also Damocles; semisextile Mars; decile Venus; septile the Vertex; sextile Vesta; square Pluto and the Black Moon; trine Jupiter, the east Point and Phaethon; sesquiquadrate Pallas; quincunx Ceres; quadnonagon Uranus; and opposite Nessus.

Evel Knievel

Legendary college football coach Knute Rockne had Unitas in the seventh house, conjunct the Moon; semisextile Mars; nonile the Midheaven; semisquare Uranus; sextile Varuna; quintile Venus; binonile Vesta; biseptile Mercury; trine Saturn; quincunx Ceres; triseptile Chiron; quindecile the Ascendant; and opposite Neptune and Pluto.

Davy Crockett, the hero of the Alamo, had Unitas conjunct Venus, quintile Uranus, trine Chiron, Asbolus, Cruithne and Volta, sesquiquadrate Jupiter, and opposite Asbolus and Damocles.

Jimmy Doolittle, who commanded a World War II Allied bombing raid on Tokyo in the first stages of American involvement in the war, had Unitas conjunct the Moon; undecimal Heracles; nonile the East Point; septile Pluto; sextile Mars, Neptune, Pallas, the Ascendant and Damocles; quintile Vesta; square Hylonome; tredecile Mercury; trine the Sun and South Node; biquintile Uranus; and opposite the Part of Fortune.

The glyph for Unitas is mine and is meant to suggest two things: (1)the four quarters and the center of a nation united; and (2) a hockey mask.

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