Unless Time Flows


Premendra Mitra

A drop of dirty life

on the wall

— the insect pest

with a lust stronger than mere sex

dreams of a fiery mating with

the luring lamp.

The reptile, a cold ugly streak of hate,

waits with its coiled sarcastic tongue.

—Annihilation in ambush.

The heart atremble waits.

Will the breathless counting of moments

end in defeat?

The insect and the lizard

fighting eternally.

Whom will you champion?

How far will you argue

with defense and prosecution

both in doubt?

Sweat if you please

to fit everything

into the chequer pattern

of black and white, and light and shade,

—dyes of your self-delusion.

Plumb the dark depths.

And scale the frozen heights.

—All in vain.

The fancy equation of Aye and Nay

can only be solved by guile.

Who knows!

the lizard and the flea are not foes perhaps

unless time flows.

Don't shake the screen

to peep behind so often.

—Rather watch the show go on.

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