Asteroid 2842, Unsöld, was discovered July 25, 1950, at the Goethe Link Observatory in Brooklyn, Indiana. The observatory gets the discovery credit. Unsöld has a period of 4 years, 85 days.

The asteroid was named after German astrophysicist Albrecht Unsöld {1905-1995}, who was a professor at the Christian Albrecht University in Kiel, Germany. He pioneered the use of physics in understanding the structure of the atmospheres of stars through spectroscopy and of astrophysics for figuring out the properties of atoms and simulating physical conditions in planets, moons and so forth.

Albrecht Unsöld

Astrologically, asteroid Unsöld seems to indicate what its name suggests: being "un-sold," un-convinced, losing something, coming up short, something that is a deal-breaker..

O.J. Simpson, whose career as a sportscaster, endorser and actor was blown out of the water after his second wife, Nicole, and her friend Ron Goldman were knifed to death in 1994, has Unsöld in the tenth house of career and reputation, undecimal Ceres (family matters) and sextile Lilith (marginalized, something hard to deal with.

Pro basketball star Kobe Bryant, whose reputation was tarnished and who lost numerous endorsements after a young Colorado woman accused him of rape, has Unsöld semisextile the Sun (to shine), sextile Jupiter (the law, travel) and quincunx Chariklo (glamor, need to keep perspective).

Paul Reubens aka Pee-Wee Herman, whose career and reputation were severely damaged and whose Hollywood Walk of Fame star was (according to an urban legend) removed after he was convicted of public lewdness in Florida, has Unsöld sextile Neptune (scandal), square Jupiter and Nessus (lewdness) and trine Heracles (to struggle with).

Actor Suzanne Somers, who left the popular 1970s sitcom Three's Company with the maximum amount of acrimony after taking bad advice from her husband-manager to ask for a raise, has Unsöld decile Ceres, sextile Pallas (standing up for oneself, office politics) and Nessus (grasping or seen as such), sesquiquadrate the Sun, and quincunx Saturn (work, career).

Jerry Lee Lewis, who lost a great deal of career momentum after he married his third wife, who was his cousin and 13 years old, has Unsöld in the seventh house of marriage and the spouse, sextile Moon (the public, the wife) and Mercury (the media) and trine Juno (marriage, the performing arts).

Former Colorado senator Gary Hart, whose presidential ambitions and political career evaporated in 1988 after he was caught having an affair with a model which he had publicly denied, has Unsöld in the eighth house of sex and legacies, decile Venus (romance, adultery), sextile Mars (sex), and opposite the Moon.

Former Vermont governor Howard Dean saw his once-promising 2004 campaign for the presidency implode after he was caught in several contradictions and made a series of impolitic public remarks (in addition to the tardiness of his physician wife to put aside her practice to campaign for him). Dean has Unsöld in the fourth house of home, conjunct Neptune (confusion), sextile Pluto (mass action), and quindecile Juno (the wife).

The glyph for Unsöld is mine.

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