Asteroid 447 Valentine was discovered on October 27, 1899, by Maximilian Wolf and Arnold Schwassmann at Heidelberg, Germany.


It has a period of 5 years, 59 days and is about 59 1/4 miles in diameter.

Valentine was named for a character in the opera The Huguenots (in German, Die Huguenotten) by German composer Giacomo Meyerbeer(1791-1864).

Astrologically, Valentine seems to have, as one might expect, a strongly seventh-house influence: that is, it indicates one-on-one relationships of any kind and the urge to form and maintain them. This can mean not just love relationships and marriages, but business partnerships, counselor-counseled, attorney-client, or adversarial relationships, torturer-tortured, or any other kind of relationship involving two entities. Valentine can also indicate to solicit another's approval or send something to another on a personal basis; this could be anything—a valentine, a letter, a legal document, a shipment of merchandise for sale, a piece of junk mail, a hate note, a package full of dog turds, a mail bomb.

Ronald Reagan, who defined his presidency through the Cold War with the Soviet Union and whose marriage to his wife Nancy has become legendary, has Valentine conjunct Pluto(as well as Fisher and Roddenberry). In his case, Fisher seems to mean searching for political support in his crusade against Soviet Russia(some said spoiling for a fight, but his tactics worked). Cher is another celebrity with a prominent Valentine(conjunct Mercury). Although she has achieved considerable success and fame on her own as an actor and singer, she is often thought of in connection with her first husband, Sonny Bono, through whom she first became famous, in professional as well as personal partnership with him; their theme song, appropriately enough, is "I Got You Babe."

Another celebrity with a prominent Valentine is Karen Carpenter, who had it conjunct her Venus(and Tutenchamun) in the eighth house. She is mainly known as a singer, though she was also a pioneering rock drummer; her family moved to California from Connecticut in support of her brother Richard's musical ambitions, but she became better known performing the songs he either wrote or arranged, some of which have become classic romantic tunes, including "We've Only Just Begun." a popular, if somewhat risky, wedding song—risky on account of the anorexia that eventually killed her in 1983.

Bill Clinton has Valentine in the ninth house of religion and the law, conjunct the North Node and Weaver, quincunx Philoctetes, trine Venus and Chiron, sesquiquadrate Ceres, sextile Compassion and Sphinx, and opposite the Black Moon, Lilith, Pittsburghia and the South Node. Ian Brady, who tortured and murdered children along with his girlfriend Myra Hindley, had Valentine conjunct the Vertex and Persephone, square the Sun and Midheaven, square Pholus, Pittsburghia and Mallory, quindecile Saturn, and opposite the East Point, Hylonome, Thersander, and Academia.

The glyph for Valentine is my own conception.

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